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Fact of the Week: 23 July 2012

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Three out of Four Employed Older Workers Want to Keep Their Current Jobs

"The majority of employed workers ages 50+ plan to stay where they are until they stop working. More than three in four (77%) employed workers ages 50+ plan to remain in their current job until they stop working completely.  About one in ten (9%) plan to change jobs but remain in the same field, about one in twenty (6%) plan to find a job in a different field, and another one in twenty (6%) plan to start their own business," according to a 2012 AARP/SHRM survey of 1004 adults age 50+ who are employed full or part time or who are looking for work.

Brown, S. K. (2012). What are older workers seeking? An AARP/SHRM survey of 50+ workers. Washington, DC: AARP. Retrieved from

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