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Fact of the Week: 21 May 2012

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About 10% of Older Adults Are Self-employed

"The number of older, unincorporated self-employed workers [age 55+] in nonagricultural industries increased from fewer than 2.6 million in December 2007 to almost 2.9 million in March 2012." While the number has increased, the percent of older workers who are self-employed has remained about the same: 9.7 percent in March 2012, compared to 10 percent in December 2007, according to a 2012 analysis of data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Rix, S. E. (2012). The employment situation, March 2012: Unemployment rises for older workers. (Fact Sheet No. 255). Washington, DC: AARP Public Policy Institute. Retrieved from

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