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Fact of the Week: 12 March 2012

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Almost Half of Older Adults Expect Lower Standard of Living in Retirement Than That of Previous Generation

Among members of the aged 50-plus population who are either working, looking for work, or who have recently left the labor force, "about one in four (26 percent) thought that their standard of living in retirement will be somewhat (19 percent) or much (7 percent) better than that of the previous generation, while nearly half (47 percent) felt that it will be somewhat (31 percent) or much (16 percent) worse," according to a 2011 AARP survey.

Rix, S. E. (2011). 50+ and worried about today and tomorrow: Older Americans express concerns about the state of the economy and their current and future financial well-being. (Fact Sheet No. 242). Washington, DC: AARP Public Policy Institute. Retrieved from

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