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Fact-of-the-Week: 17 January 2012

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Almost Twice As Many Younger Boomers As Older

"Younger boomers are much more numerous than older boomers. In 2008, the oldest boomers were aged 62 and numbered 2.7 million. By 2018 most of those boomers will have retired. However, the youngest boomers (those aged 44 in 2008) numbered 4.6 million and will not have reached retirement age by 2018." By 2030, all of the boomers will be over the age of 65," according to a 2011 analysis of American Community Survey data.

Public Policy Institute of California. (2011). An assessment of labor force projections through 2018: Will workers have the education needed for the available jobs? Washington, DC: AARP. Retrieved from

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