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Fact-of-the-Week: 22 August 2011

fact of the week

Older Adults Work Beyond Retirement to Remain Engaged

Among retirees who worked for pay in retirement [during the previous year], 92% wanted to stay active and involved while 86% reported they enjoyed working, according to the 2011 EBRI Retirement Confidence Survey. However 90% identify at least one financial reason for having worked, such as "wanting to buy extras (72%), a decrease in the value of their savings or investments (62%), needing money to make ends meet (59%), or keeping health insurance or other benefits (40%)."

Helman, R., Copeland, C., & VanDerhei, J. (2011). The 2011 retirement confidence survey: Confidence drops to record lows, reflecting "the new normal." (Issue Brief No. 355). Washington, DC: Employee Benefit Research Institute. Retrieved from EBRI_03-2011_No355_RCS-2011.pdf.

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