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Fact-of-the-Week: 21 February 2011

fact of the week


According to a 2011 analysis from the Urban Institute, "displaced men age 50 to 61 are 39% less likely to become reemployed each month than otherwise identical men age 25 to 34, and men age 62 or older are 51% less likely. Displaced women are 18% less likely to find a new job at age 50 to 61 than at age 25 to 34 (when personal and job characteristics are held constant), and 50% less likely at age 62 or older." (p. vii)

Johnson, R. W., & Mommaerts, C. (2011). Age differences in job loss, job search, and reemployment. (Program on Retirement Policy, Discussion Paper No. 11-01). Washington, DC: Urban Institute. Retrieved from