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Jan Hively (Janet M Hively, PhD)

Encore Entrepreneur

Guest Blogger
Sloan Center on Aging & Work, Boston College

At the 2010 Positive Aging Conference, Dr. Jan Hively received Fielding University’s Lifetime Achievement Award for Social Change and Positive Aging. Previously, Jan was named a National Purpose Prize Fellow by Civic Ventures for her work as a social entrepreneur. In 2001, while a Senior Fellow at the University of Minnesota, she founded the Vital Aging Network (VAN,  In 2004, she co-founded the Minnesota Creative Arts and Aging Network (MnCAAN), now called Artsage  In 2006, Jan co-founded “SHiFT” — a non-profit community network empowering midlife transitions to find meaning and purpose in life and work (  Recently, working with partners in Paris and Munich, she has completed the European Voices for Active Aging project, funded for the European Union’s Year of Active Aging, 2012.  For the Life Planning Network, Jan has served New England on the Nominations Committee and Program Committee.  She is one of the 33 contributing authors for “Live Smart after 50”, and she is working with LPN VP Mary Radu on an LPN curriculum for senior service providers, “Advocacy Leadership for Positive Aging.”  In 2001, at age 69, after past careers in city and non-profit planning and administration, Dr. Hively was awarded a PhD in Education for Work and Community from the U of M. Her survey research was focused on "Productive Aging in Rural Minnesota."  Jan’s mantra is “Meaningful work, paid or unpaid, through the last breath.”