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Sloan Center's Members

Allen, Emily (Research Fellow)

Anell, Karin E. (Author of Center's publications/research)

Aumann, Kerstin (Author of Center's publications/research)

Bal, Matthijs (Insights into TPM)

Baltes, Boris (Research Fellow, Insights into TPM)

Bargues, Emilie (Research Affiliate)

Barth, Michael C. (Guest Blogger)

Bateson, Mary Catherine (Visiting Scholar, Research Fellow)

Besen, Elyssa (Researcher)

Bhate, Rucha (Researcher)

Blackmon, Olivia M. (Research Fellow)

Blanton, Kimberly (Guest Blogger)

Bond, James (Terry) T. (Author of Center's publications/research)

Brown, Melissa (Research Affiliate, Author of Center's publications/research)

Brunner, Louisa Diana (Research Affiliate)

Burlet, Mélanie (Research Affiliates, Author of Center's publications/research)

Burtless, Gary (Guest Blogger)

Cahill, Kevin E. (Center Core Team, Researcher)

Carapinha, René (Research Affiliate)

Christensen, Kathleen E. (Guest Blogger)

Cohen, Betty Eckhaus (Center Core Team)

Coplon, Jennifer Kane (Research Fellow)

Croucher, Richard (Research Affiliate)

Cuomo, Simona (Research Affiliate)

de Lange, Annet (Research Fellow, Insights into TPM)

DeLong, David (Guest Blogger)

de Wildt, Martijn (Research Affiliate)

Dennis, Helen (Guest Blogger)

Doherty, Karen (Center Core Team)

Dolan, Reecie (Strategy Council)

Fideler, Elizabeth F. (Research Fellow)

Flynn, Mathew (Research Affiliate)

Galinsky, Ellen M. (Research Fellow, Strategy Council)

Giandrea, Michael D. (Researcher)

Gornick, Janet C. (Research Affiliate)

Grau i Grau, Marc (Research Affiliate)

Guan, Xinping (Research Affiliate)

Hartmann, Danielle (Project Researcher—TPM)

Hegewisch, Ariane (Research Affiliate)

Heidkamp, Maria (Guest Blogger)

Herbes-Sommers, Christine (Guest Blogger)

Higo, Masa (Research Affiliate)

Hively, Jan (Guest Blogger)

Hoenig, Barbara (Strategy Council)

Hovhannisyan, Shoghik (Research Affiliate)

James, Jacquelyn B. (Center Core Team, Researcher)

Janke, Ines (Insights into TPM)

Kempthorne, Patricia (Project Researcher—States as Employer of Choice)

Kiss, Betsy (Strategy Council)

Kohlbacher, Florian (Research Fellow)

Kovacs, Gene J. (Guest Blogger)

Lahey, Joanna N. (Research Fellow)

las Heras, Mireia (Research Affiliate)

Lawler, Suzanne (Center Core Team)

Lee, Jungui (Researcher,Research Affiliate)

Donna S. Lero, PhD (Research Fellow)

Lewis, Suzan (Research Affiliate)

Lobel, Sharon (Guest Blogger)

Marshall, Victor (Research Fellow)

Matz-Costa, Christina (Center Core Team, Researcher)

McCarthy, Jean (Insights into TPM)

McKechnie, Sharon P. (The CitiSales Study Team Member)

McNamara, Tay K. (Center Core Team, Researcher)

Mirvis, Philip (Research Affiliate)

Moeller, Philip (Research Fellow)

Moen, Phyllis (Research Fellow)

Mor Barak, Michàlle (Research Fellow, Research Affiliate)

Morett, Chris (Research Fellow)

Morgan, Allan E. (Research Fellow)

Nguyen, Huong (Center Core Team)

Norstrand, Julie A. (Research Affiliate)

O’Keeffe, Maureen (Strategy Council)

Ollier-Malaterre, Ariane (Research Affiliate)

Owusu, Shauneequa (Guest Blogger)

Pagani-Tousignant, Celina (Research Affiliate)

Pandey, Gaurie (Center Core Team)

Paolino, Chiara (Research Affiliate)

Parry, Emma (Insights into TPM, Research Affiliate)

Pasha, Farooq (Research Affiliate)

Pelletier, Julien (Research Affiliate)

Pitt-Catsouphes, Marcie (Center Core Team, Researcher)

Prouska, Rea (Research Affiliate)

Quinn, Joseph F. (Researcher)

Rountree, Linda (Research Affiliate)

Rudolph, Cort W. (Insights into TPM)

Ruiz Pérez, Laura ()

Russell, Graeme (Research Affiliate)

Sarkisian, Natalia (Center Core Team, Researcher, Research Affiliate)

Scheibe, Susanne (Insights into TPM)

Schömann, Klaus (Research Affiliate)

Schramm, Jennifer (Research Fellow)

Scott, Kenneth (Research Fellow)

Sheaks, Chantel (Research Affiliate)

Shen, Ce (Research Affiliate)

Sipprelle, Susan M. (Guest Blogger)

Smyer, Michael (Center Core Team, Researcher, Research Fellow)

Snow, David L. (Center Core Team, Researcher)

Snyder, Phyllis (Guest Blogger)

Sprecher, Susan (Guest Blogger)

Sterns, Harvey (Research Fellow)

Stewart, Lisa (Insights into TPM)

Sutherland, Cynthia (Strategy Council)

Swanberg, Jennifer (Researcher, Research Fellow)

Sweet, Stephen (Center Core Team, Researcher, Research Affiliate, Research Fellow, Author of Center's publication/research)

Taylor, Philip (Research Affiliate, Strategy Council )

Thompson, Cynthia (Research Fellow)

Tracy, Martin B. (Research Affiliate, Author of Center's publication/research)

Valcour, Monique (Center Core Team, Researcher, Author of Center's publication/research)

Van Horn, Carl (Research Fellow, Author of Center's publication/research)

Wagner, Donna L. (Guest Blogger)

Williamson, John (Research Fellow)

Xu, Qingwen (Research Affiliate, Author of Center's publications/research)

Yamada, Atsuhiro (Research Affiliate, Author of Center's publications/research)

Zacher, Hannes (Research Fellow)