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About The Center on Aging & Work

our vision

To make longer life a better life.

our mission

To promote quality and choice of paid and unpaid work across the lifespan, with a particular focus on older adults. Through research studies, collaborations with organizations and business leaders, and engagement with an interdisciplinary network of scholars and practitioners, we bridge the worlds of research and practice.


Working in partnership with a multi-disciplinary group of researchers, the Center’s studies explore emergent issues related to aging and work. We prioritize timely, innovative studies incorporating research rigor with compelling workplace relevance into two distinct topical clusters — U.S. and Global Initiatives.

Workplace Impact

The Center develops strong relationships with employers to maximize the impact of our research on talent management. We customize our interactions with different organizations and industry sectors to respond to their needs and preferences. Employers may affiliate with the Center, ensuring exclusive access to special products and forums. The Center also offers memberships in Learning Circles to employers who want to explore dedicated topic areas, of employers’ choosing, within a practitioner learning community.


The Center promotes the rich and thoughtful exchange of innovative ideas about aging and work among business leaders, academics, and policy makers. We have designed our publications, virtual forums, seminars and workshops, e-communications and online resources as vehicles for sharing high quality information and stimulating discourse about the experiences of today’s multi-generational workforce.