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Co-director Jacquelyn James gave a presentation, What's Up? What's Happening with the Aging Workforce? at the Age Strong @ Work, an employment workshop series for people 50+ on Saturday, September 14, sponsored by Mayor Martin Walsh and the City of Boston. (read more)
Over 50 and Freelancing to Fill the Gaps in Retirement Funds
The stereotype of today’s freelancer is a young, scrappy urbanite hustling for gigs in a shared work space or coffee shop. And while it is true that millennials make up the largest chunk of the freelancer population in the United States, another demographic may soon catch up: their parents. (read more)
Why US firms are desperate to retain ageing workers
When Roger Klug told his employer he was retiring, there was a shiver of panic among the bosses. Now 70 years old, Mr Klug is in his 47th year at Alexandria Industries, an aluminium company in rural Minnesota. (read more)
Got 30 years’ experience and looking for work? Some firms want to hear from you
Today’s labor force has more older workers than ever, and as many aging baby boomers keep on working, the numbers seem destined to climb. (read more)
Cal Halvorsen on WGBH
Faculty Affiliate Cal Halvorsen was a guest on @wgbh @GreaterBoston July 9 at 7 pm to discuss the 1 in 4 Americans who don’t plan to retire. Panel discussion can be seen here.