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Got 30 years’ experience and looking for work? Some firms want to hear from you
Today’s labor force has more older workers than ever, and as many aging baby boomers keep on working, the numbers seem destined to climb. (read more)
Cal Halvorsen on WGBH
Faculty Affiliate Cal Halvorsen was a guest on @wgbh @GreaterBoston July 9 at 7 pm to discuss the 1 in 4 Americans who don’t plan to retire. Panel discussion can be seen here.
OPINION: How to Fix Racial Disparities in Entrepreneurship Over 50 By Cal J. Halvorsen
New research shows that aspiration is egalitarian, but fulfilling aspirations isn't. (read more)
OPINION: How Important Is a Presidential Candidate’s Age? By Cal J. Halvorsen and Michael A. Smyer
People are asking if a president can be too old. Two professors answer. (read more)
Christina Matz, Advocate for Engaged Aging
What advice would you give to those who wish to remain productive and fulfilled in our work as we age? I highly recommend thinking at midlife (or earlier) about “diversifying you activity portfolio” by tapping into or rediscovering those interests or activities in your life that you find most meaningful—that inspire you—that “light you up” and find a way to pursue them.(read more)