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New Awards 2017

School of Social Work Research

Theresa Betancourt

National Institute of Mental Health

“Intergenerational Impact of War: A Prospective Longitudinal Study.”


November 2017

Theresa Betancourt

United States Agency for International Development

“Sugira Muryango.”


November 2017

Jessica Shaw

Department of Justice

“Evaluation of a cross-system cooperative response to adolescent sexual assault victims.”


November 2017

Gautam Yadama

NIH/Fogarty International Center

“Understanding household, network, and organizational drivers of adoption, sustained use, and maintenance of clean cooking fuels in rural India.”


October 2017

Theresa Betancourt


“Family-Based Intimate Partner Violence Prevention in Rwanda.”


September 2017

scott Easton


“Alcohol and Substance Abuse among Men: Exploring How Childhood Environment and Early Trauma Impact Adult Usage.”


August 2017


Vilcek Foundation

Immigrant Integration Lab.


August 2017

James Lubben

NIH-NIA/Brandeis University

“Boston Roybal Center.”


August 2017

Stephanie Berzin and Tiziana Dearing

Seigel Family

Center on Social Innovation.


May 2017

Tiziana Dearing


"Unleashing the Power of Catholic Social Innovation."


May 2017

Tay McNamara


"Quality of Employment White Paper."


April 2017

Jessica Shaw

Boston College, Research Incentive Grant

"Learning from Communities.”


Feburary 2017

Susan Tohn

Boston College, Teaching, Advising and Mentoring Expense Grant

"Learning from Communities.”


Feburary 2017

Summer Hawkins

American Cancer Society

"Impact of the Affordable Care Act on the prevention and early detection of Women’s Cancers."


January 2017

Erika Sabbath

Center for Disease Control and Prevention/Harvard School of Public Health

“Center for Work, Health and Wellbeing, Planning and Evaluation Core”


January 2017

Erika Sabbath

Center for Disease Control and Prevention/Harvard School of Public Health

“Examining Pathways”


January 2017

Jacquelyn James

Alfred P. Sloan Foundation   

"Building a Multi-Disciplinary Research Network on the Study of Aging & Work"

$232,629 ($432,630)

Jacquelyn James was awarded $232,629 in the second year of her grant to create a multi-disciplinary network for researchers from a variety of disciplines who are investigating the impact of the growing population of older adults on the workforce.

January 2017