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Volume 7 Number 3 (2003)

religion and the arts

Table of Contents

Concealment, Revelation, and Gender: The Veil of Moses in the Bible and in Christian Art
Brian Britt

Christ Aux Outrages by Henry de Groux: Fin de Si├Ęcle Religion, Art Criticism, and the Sociology of the Crowd
Nancy Davenport

More on the Sculptural Iconography of the West Front of Bath Abbey: Christ of the Charter and Antichrist
Julian M. Luxford

Review Essays:
Bob Lax, A Transparent Poet
Jim Forest

A Master of the Middle Way: Richard Kearney on God, Evil, and Aliens
Mark Dooley

Book Reviews   341
Books Briefly Noted   349
New Books   355
Notes on Contributors   365
Abstracts   367
  Volume 7 Number 3