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Vol 20/1-2

20.1-2 Cover Image


Editors' Introduction: Religion and the Arts of Global Asia

Sheila Blair and Rui Oliveira Lopes          1

Illustrations of the Mulian Story and the Tradition of Narrative Painting in China (Tenth-Fifteenth Centuries)

Rostislav Berezkin         5

Invoking the Prophet Muhammad Through Word, Sound, and Image: Verbal, Vocal, and Visual Images in the Religious Arts of Islam

Sheila Blair         29

Realms Beyond: Half-Open Doors in Chinese Funerary Art

Fei Deng         59

A Study on the So-Called Dong Qichang Album Discovered by Berthold Laufer

Shaoxin Dong         92

Hindu Temples and the Emanating Cosmos

Adam Hardy         112

Depictions of the Journey to the Heavenly Realm in Early Modern Catholic and Japanese Buddhist Iconography

Naoko Frances Hioki         135

A New Light on the Shadows of Heavenly Bodies:
Indian Shadow Puppets: From Still Paintings to Motion Pictures

Rui Oliveira Lopes         160

Daoist Scripture Frontispieces and Their Archetypes

Maggie C.K. Wan         197



Book Reviews                 231

Notes on Contributors     251

Exhibitions, Conferences, Announcements    255

In Future Issues             265