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Vol 19/5

19.5 Cover Image


Evolution and Exegesis: The Spirit of Freedom Through Visual Narrative

Maggie Atkinson          427

A Progressive View on Religion and Modern Art: The 1944 Religious Art of Today Exhibition at Boston's Institute of Modern Art

Cynthia Fowler             488

Commanding Angels: Rilke and Merrill

Ben Leubner                531

Codas of Creation: Emanation Mysticism and Alchemical Regeneration in Terrence Malick's The Tree of Life

John Michael Corrigan   552


Review Essays

New Light on Old Misunderstandings: Recent Research on Islamic History, Thought, and Art

John Renard                583

Liturgical Practice and Poetic Dissent in Antebellum America

H. Collin Messer           591



Brief Mentions                599

New Books                    601

Notes on Contributors    613

Exhibitions, Conferences, Announcements    615

Index to Volume 19 (2015)    627

In Future Issues             631