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Volume 18/5

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"A Religious Futurism:  The Catholic Modernist Crisis in the Material Imaginary of Umberto Boccioni"

Anna Frey Taylor    616

"The Art of THe Lord of the Rings:  A Defense of the Aesthetic"

Rebecca Munro    636

"Holden Caulfield:  Sort of a Christian"

Bryce A. Taylor     653

"Grids:  A Kraussian Perspective on New Windows for the Church"

Jonathan Koestle-Cate    672


Review Essay

Deciphering the Enigma of Iran:  From Z[oroaster] to A[yatollah]

John Renard     701



Book Reviews    713

New Books     731

Notes on Contributors     735

Exhibitions, Conferences, Announcements    737

Index to Volume 18 (2014)    747

In Future Issues    752