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Volume 18/1-2

Religion and the Arts

cover image 18.1-2


Editors' Introduction:  Christianity and Latin American Art

Ronald R. Bernier and Rachel Hostetter Smith    1


Part I

Introduction to Part I:  Time and Its Transformations from the Old World to the New

Maya Stanfield Mazzi    5

El Pueblo de Nuestra Senora la Reina de los Angeles de la Porciuncula:  Or How Los Angeles Got Its Name

Marilyn Aronberg Lavin    11

The Artistic Posterity of Joachim of Fiore in LAtin America

Jaime Lara     26

The Continuity of Sacred Urban Open Space:  Facilitating the Indian Conversion to Catholicism in Mesoamerica

E. Logan Wagner    61

Mexican Instauration: Devotopn and Transformation in New Spain

Cristina Cruz Gonzalez    87


Part II

Introduction to Part II:  Piety in Practice

Lara Medina     114

An Art Historian Encounters a Hybrid Global History at Home: Alfredo Ramos Martinez's Designs for Sacred Spaces

Mary Goodwin    120

God-Bearers on Pilgrimage to Tepeyac: A Scholar of Religion Encounters the Material Dimension of Marian Devotion in Mexico

Jennifer Scheper Hughes     156

An Artist Photographs the VIsual Witness of Grave Images

Kathy T. Hettinga    184

An Artist-Scholar Finds Beauty from Ashes:  Brazilian Artist Duda Penteado

J. Casale Taylor Basker     222


Part III

Introduction to Part III:  The Intersection of Contemporary Latin American Art and Religion

Charlene Villasenor Black    239

La Conquistadora: A Conquering Virgin Meets her Match

Anne Marie Leimer    245

Contingency and Faithfulness:  Francis Alys and the (Re)Presentation of St. Fabiola

Jonathan A. Anderson     269


Notes on Contributors     291

In Future Issues     296