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Volume 17/5

Religion and the Arts



"Charles Dickens and the Victorian 'Mormon Moment'"

Scott Dransfield     489-506


"'Incarnational Art':  Thing Theory and Flannery O'Connor's Wise Blood"

Olivia McGuire     507-522


"Open Completeness:  Messiaen's 'Quartet for the End of Time'"

David Greene     523-544


"Silence and Geoffrey Hill's Poetics of Witness"

Caleb Caldwell     545-567


Review Essays

"New Qur'anic Studies II:  Reading Islam's Sacred Text"

John Renard     568-575


"In Praise of Language"

Rebecca Munro     576-587


"Victorian Bibliocentrism and the Struggle over One Book"

Chad P. Stutz   588-600


"Looking at Communities:  Modernists, English Catholics, and Apocalyptic Pluralists"

Marion Spies     601-606



Book Reviews   607-638

New Books   639-642

Notes on Contributors  643-644

Exhibitions, Conferences, Announcements   645-656

Index to Volume 17 (2013)    657-663

In Future Issues     664-664