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Volume 17/3

religion and the arts

17.3 cover image

"Gustavo GutiĆ©rrez Meets Giuseppe Verdi:  The Beauty of Liberation and the Liberation of Beauty"

James B. Nickoloff  203


"The Banished God:  Concerning Faith and Doubt in Lohengrin"

Ulrike Kienzle

Translated by Ralf Yusuf Gawlick   222


"Die Sieger and Die Wibelungen:  How Parsifal is the Fifth Opera of Wagner's Ring"

Paul Schofield   246


"Das 'Ewige Kunstwerk':  Friedrich Nietzsche's Apollonian-Dionysian Opposition in Richard Strauss's Daphne"

Margarethe Satorius   271


"Significations of Religious Desire in Louise Talma's The Alcestiad"

Kendra Preston Leonard   289



Book Reviews   311

New Books   325

Notes on Contributors   329

Exhibitions, Conferences, Announcements   332

In Future Issues   340