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Volume 15-3

religion and the arts

Table of Contents

Publisher's Note           261

Two Realms of Light: Peter Paul Ruben's "Assumption of Mary" (1626) and Gregory Schneider's "End" (2008)

Friedhelm Mennekes     263

William Etty's Magdalens: Sexual Desire and Spirituality in Early Victorian England

Dominic Janes                   277

Jerusalem Revisited: On Auguste Salzmann's Photo-Topography

Randy Innes                     306

Diagnosing Modernity: Eric Voegelin's Impact on the Worldview of Walker Percy

Grant Kaplan                    338

Review Essays

"A Gesture of Non Serviam": Victorian and Twentieth-Century Writers in Revolt

Marion Spies                    369

Per Una Selva Oscura: T. S. Eliot, Catholicism, and Tradition

Kevin J. Gardner               379


Book Reviews                  390

Brief Mentions                 404

New Books                     407

Notes on Contributors     412

Exhibitions, Conferences, Announcements 414

In Future Issues            428