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Volume 13 Issue 4 (2009)

Religion and the Arts

Table of Contents


Daniela Merolla  403

Creation Myths and the Visual Arts: An Ongoing Dialogue Between Word and Image

Mineke Schipper  410 

Visualizing Creation in Ancient Greece 

Emma Stafford  419

Sacred Embodiment: Fertility Ritual, Mother Goddess, and Cultures of Belly Dance

Stavros Stavrou Karyanni  448

Social Life and the Dreaming: Clues to Creation Myths as Rhetorical Devices in Tiwi Mortuary Ritual

Eric Venbrux  464

Representing the "Sea Woman"

Jarich Oosten and Frederic Laugrand  477

Bridging the Generation Gap: Creation (Hi)stories and the Visual Arts in Tamulte de las Sabanas, Mexico

Laura N. K. Van Broekhoven  496

Filming African Creation Myths

Daniela Merolla  521

Color Plates  534


Evangeline's Mission: Anti-Catholicism, Nativism, and Unitarianism in Longfellow's Evangeline

Andrew Higgins  547

Revelations from the Back Yard: Charles Wright and Wittgenstein

Ben Leubner  569

Review Essay

Faith and Film

David McNutt  595


Book Reviews  604

Brief Mentions  618

New Books  620

Notes on Contributors  633

Announcements, Conferences, Exhibitions  637

Index to Volume 13 (2009) 643

In Future Issues  648