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Volume 11 Numbers 3-4 (2007)

religion and the arts

Table of Contents

St. Benedict Sees the Light: Asam's Solar Eclipses as Metaphor
Roberta J.M. Olson and Jay M. Pasachoff

Jean Delville's La Mission De L'Art: Hegelian Echoes in Fin-de-Siecle Idealism
Brendan Cole


La Beata Laura Vicuna: The Nun's Version, Corrective of Garcia Marquez's
John Cussen


Light Falling on England: History and Landscape in the Poetry of C.H. Sisson
Kevin J. Gardner




Materialist Criticism and Cordelia's Quasi-Resurrection in King Lear 
Sean Benson

De Otio Religioso: Petrarch and the Laicization of Western Monastic Asceticism
Demetrio S. Yocum













Review Essays:

Religion in Early Modern England: Two Recent Commentaries
Nicole M. Coonradt

Who Is the Thinker?
Peter Milward, S.J.

The Absolutely True Metanarrative or a Partially True Micronarrative?: The Place of Roman Catholicism in Southern Literature
Ralph C. Wood














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