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Personal Leave of Absence

faculty handbook

A personal leave of absence may be granted to any full-time faculty member for a reasonable cause and length of time. Generally a personal leave of absence will be granted only to tenured faculty members. If a leave of absence is granted to a non-tenured faculty member the leave will normally be counted as part of the probationary period prior to a tenure decision. Faculty members should be in residence for at least two academic years of full-time service prior to a personal leave of absence.


Except in unusual cases or for periods of extended urgent national service, the maximum period of time allowed for a leave of absence will be four consecutive academic semesters. The period for the leave should be planned, in consultation with the faculty member’s chairperson and/or dean, to assure that the leave will not adversely affect the instructional work of the department, including the supervision of dissertations. A personal leave must be recommended by the chairperson and dean and be approved by The Provost and Dean of Faculties. Leaves of absence do not count as service in determining eligibility for sabbaticals.

Leaves of absence will not be granted to faculty who accept positions at other institutions.

A personal leave of absence will be without pay or benefits, although the faculty member may continue his or her group medical insurance coverage by assuming the full cost of this insurance during the leave of absence. Prior to any leave of absence the faculty member should consult with the Benefits Manager to determine the effect the planned leave will have on their benefits.