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Affiliated Professors

faculty handbook

Joint and Courtesy Appointments acknowledge the importance of interdisciplinary and interdepartmental collaborations within Boston College. Full-time faculty and full-time adjunct faculty are eligible for courtesy appointments. These appointments expand the number of faculty supporting a program and give students access to the expertise of a broader group of faculty. Such appointments often assist in the recruitment of new faculty to BC.

Joint Appointments are made by two departments or schools, or a department or school and a center or institute, and may be tenured, probationary, or full-time adjunct. One of the two hiring units will be designated as primary, the other secondary; if one of the hiring units is a center or institute it must be the secondary unit. The hiring procedures for a new joint appointment will be determined by the two hiring units, in consultation with The Provost and Dean of Faculties. The offer letter to the jointly-appointed faculty member must be approved by the Provost, and signed by the chairs/deans/directors of both hiring units. At the time the offer is extended, the chairs/deans/directors of the hiring units will draw up a memorandum of understanding that will describe the jointly-appointed faculty member's division of privileges, duties, and responsibilities regarding the following items, if appropriate.

Faculty Privileges and Support

  • Voting rights
  • Space
  • Research support
  • Equipment support
  • Administrative support

Faculty Responsibilities

  • Courses taught
  • Setting of teaching schedules
  • Committee participation
  • Undergraduate advising
  • Graduate advising and mentoring

Faculty Evaluation

  • Annual evaluation and salary recommendation to the dean
  • Reappointment and promotion reviews

Department/School Privileges

  • Grant attribution and F&A return
  • Salary buyout return
  • Faculty fellowships and 80% sabbaticals

The memorandum of understanding must be approved by the Provost, and signed by the chairs/deans/directors of the hiring units and the jointly-appointed faculty member. The Provost's Office will then issue the contract or letter of appointment. Subsequent changes in the faculty member’s division of privileges, duties, and responsibilities can be made by agreement among the faculty member, the chairs/deans/directors, and the Provost.

Courtesy Appointments

The criteria for courtesy appointments are established by the program or department and by the school. A department interested in adding a BC faculty member as an affiliated professor, extends an invitation to the faculty member. The appointment is then negotiated by the deans in the respective schools, in consultation with department chairs. The Provost makes the formal appointment on the recommendation of the deans. Appointments are for three years and are reviewed at the end of that period by the appropriate deans.

A faculty member holding a courtesy appointment retains the same faculty title as in their home department, and may list this affiliation on their curriculum vitae and on grant applications, and may make note of the affiliation in other appropriate professional contexts or activities.

Departments may report courtesy appointments in reports or applications to external agencies. Courtesy appointments have no financial implications; grants, salaries, etc. remain within the home department and school. Similarly, decisions on promotion to rank or tenure and other such matters remain within the home department or school.

Affiliated Professor appointments are distinct from other faculty appointments such as visiting scholar or adjunct faculty.