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Faculty Grievance Committee

faculty handbook

The Faculty Grievance committee receives petitions from faculty members who believe they are aggrieved in a matter including but not restricted to promotion, non-reappointment (other than that specified in Section 11-B-2 of the University Statutes with which the Faculty Review Panel is concerned), salary or benefits.


The committee is composed of five members and three alternates elected at large by the faculty, from among the tenured members of the faculty.

Procedure for Approaching the FGC with a Grievance:  Any faculty member, as defined by the University Statutes II.1, may approach any member of the FGC to discuss theoperation of the FGC and the process for filing a grievance.  This discussion should focus on the grievance procedure, rather than the merit of the grievance.   Grievance petitions are not accepted by the FGC until all other internal remedies have been tried. This usually means that the grievant has previously petitioned the appropriate academic dean.  The grievant may then wish to discuss the grievance with the FGC chair before submitting a written petition. [Approved 4/13/11].

See University Statutes chapter II Section 11-C and Section 12-C
for additional detail.

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