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Three Marketing Faculty Earn Honors


By Sean Hennessey | Chronicle Staff

Published: Feb. 19, 2015

Three recent high-profile awards received by Marketing Department faculty have added to the Carroll School of Management’s reputation for outstanding research, as reflected by its steady rise in national rankings.

Assistant Professor Hristina Nikolova was selected for the 2014 John A. Howard/AMA Doctoral Dissertation Award for her work on how pairs of people make joint self-control decisions where the decision involves instant gratification or bigger, long-term benefits such as a couple saving for retirement or taking a luxurious vacation.

“I am very happy and proud that my dissertation work was recognized with this award,” says Nikolova, who joined the Carroll School last fall. “I am also very thankful to all the people who have helped me get here: my dissertation co-chairs; my husband, who was the inspiration for the ideas in my dissertation; and my colleagues here at Boston College who are extremely supportive of the work I do.”

The findings, the first on this topic, were featured in such media outlets as Time, Forbes, The Huffington Post, New York Magazine, ABC News, Expert Beacon, Shape, and Allure, among others.

Assistant Professor Nailya Ordabayeva, who also arrived last fall, won the 2014 Journal of Consumer Research Best Article Award for co-authoring “Getting Ahead of the Joneses: When Equality Increases Conspicuous Consumption among Bottom-Tier Consumers.” The article, based on Ordabayeva’s dissertation, was chosen a winner by the Journal’s policy board among all articles published in the Journal of Consumer Research in 2011, based on factors such as innovation and impact since publication.

“I am extremely happy and honored to receive this award, which recognizes my work for making an impact in the field of marketing,” says Ordabayeva. “I am very excited to see growing interest in the issues of inequality, financial deprivation, and status aspirations among marketing scholars, and I am privileged to contribute to this conversation.”

Rounding out the Carroll School’s award trifecta is Marketing Department Chair and Accenture Professor Kay Lemon, who co-published an article that won the Journal of Retailing Davidson Award. “Capturing the Evolution of Customer–Firm Relationships: How Customers Become More (or Less) Valuable Over Time” examined whether a firm’s customers remain profitable over time and the marketing steps that can be taken to maintain that profitability. Lemon says the insights from her team’s model will allow marketing managers to make better resource allocations decision because they will better understand how their customers change over time.

“I was honored to have our article chosen for the Journal of Retailing Davidson Award,” says Lemon. “As department chair, I’m thrilled that we have assembled such an outstanding group of scholars in the department. Nailya and Hristina just joined us this academic year and this recognition of their research excellence is well-deserved.”

Carroll School of Management Dean Andy Boynton says the awards are a testament to the high-quality research that is an everyday part of the school’s mission.

“The success of my colleagues in Marketing and the prestigious awards their research has earned further illustrates our faculty’s excellence as world class scholars. It’s no coincidence or surprise that three of our outstanding Marketing Department’s faculty won these particular awards. I’m confident there is more to come.”