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Meet the Senior Leads

The purpose of Thrive is to connect sophomore women in small communities for relationship building and authentic conversation. Thrive leads facilitate weekly small group meetings, providing mentorship, concsistency, and structure to group conversation. Read on to learn more about our team of mentors! 


Mary and Eliza

Our names are Mary and Eliza. We have crossed paths many times- we both lived on Newton and CoRo and studied abroad in the same city- before finally sitting next to each other in German class this semester (which we endlessly complain about). Things we have in common: We love the outdoors and football tailgates. We both share a love for cookie monster ice cream (shoutout to White Mountain!) We both hate being late and LOVE DOGS. Things we don't have in common: Mary is biology major with a philosophy minor from Grafton, MA. Eliza is a psychology and history major from outside Chicago (Go Cubs!). We're so excited to share our stories and we can't wait to hear yours.

Mary and Eliza's group meets Monday at 6pm.



Rose and Lauren

Hi! We are Rose and Lauren, hailing from Dover, NH, and Saratoga, NY, and are both seniors currently living in Ruby. Rose is studying Marketing, Information Systems, and English, and Lauren is an aspiring teacher studying Secondary Education and Math. The oldest of four, Rose has two younger sisters, also named after flowers, and a younger brother (sadly not named after a flower), while Lauren only has one older sister who has been an incredible mentor. On campus, Rose is in the marching band, manages the band office’s marketing, and is a TA for a class on social media. When Lauren is not planning lessons for her Full Prac, you can find her in the Campus School where she is the treasurer, at her 4Boston placement in Mission Hill, or more likely in bed rewatching Gilmore Girls or Friends for the 4th time.

We are so excited to be leading Thrive next semester, and cannot wait to meet our awesome group of sophomores! Our goal is to create an intentional community where all women are able to find mentors in their sophomore peers, as well as in us. We want our small group to become a community where everyone feels comfortable sharing about themselves, and can know that others find value in what they share. We are hoping to create a space that our sophomores look forward to coming to each week, and we cannot wait to learn about our group and help one another grow throughout the remainder of our year together! We are so excited to be a part of Thrive, and to be more involved in the Women’s Center this year!

Rose and Lauren's group meets Mondays at 7pm.



Shea and Sophie

Shea is from Bedford, Massachusetts and is studying Nursing. She loves trying out new healthy recipes, dancing, and fall weather. Shea loves to stay busy and enjoys working as a cake decorator at White Mountain!

Sophie is from Petaluma, California (just north of San Francisco) and is a Communication major, with Hispanic Studies and English minors. She loves yoga, running, food (she’s a huge foodie,) reading and travel. She studied abroad last year in San Sebastian, Spain, and now lives in the new dorm! One fun fact about her is that she was born in Segovia, Spain, and moved to the states just before her fourth birthday.

Sophia and Shea are super excited to THRIVE and to create an awesome community to talk about the struggles, obstacles, and joys of Sophomore year.

Shea and Sophie's group meets Mondays at 8pm.



Megan and Marwa

Megan and Marwa are both from the greater Washington D.C. area and are majoring in Political Science. Megan has been involved with the Undergraduate Government of Boston College previously as the Director of Mental Health Programming and continues her work in Student Initiatives as the Director of Women and Gender Programming. Megan has also been involved with the Gavel and their Authentic Eagles segment. Megan studied abroad in Amsterdam last year and outside of Boston College she likes to hike, go to concerts, and explore new areas around Boston. Marwa also worked in the AHANA Leadership Council of UGBC, and spends most of her time at her job at the Women’s Center where she has helped direct Love Your Body Week the past two years. Marwa is interested in pursuing the advancement of women in racial diversity, education, and healthcare. She recently returned from her semester abroad in Cape Town, South Africa. And when not at school she loves trying new foods, traveling, and spending quality time with her Netflix account.

Marwa and Megan hope to foster a conscious community that can serve as a space for discussion and personal development.

Marwa and Megan's group meets Tuesdays at 7pm.



Amanda and Rebecca

Amanda and Rebecca are co-leads who will buy you snacks from Trader Joe’s!

Amanda is an Environmental Studies major and strong socialist which is probably explained by the fact that she is from Seattle. She likes comedy and in high school she thought that she was going to be the first Asian woman on SNL, but has settled for being one of multiple Asian women on the CCE improv comedy group at BC!

Rebecca is an International Studies major from NJ. She loves to bake, especially anything with chocolate, and is learning to love running. She’s a Health Coach through the Office of Health Promotion, in 4Boston, and does research for a professor in the Political Science department.

Amanda and Rebecca are super excited for Thrive, to meet all the sophomores and to create a safe and supportive intentional community within their small group. They also both love their dogs as evidenced by the fact that their lock screens are both pictures of their fuzzy four-legged friends! Woof!

Amanda and Rebecca's group meets Wednesdays at 7pm.



Aya and Olivia

Heyo it’s Aya. My friends call me crunchy and I still don’t know what that means but I love hiking, listening to music, and can make a mean granola, so I guess that’s that! I’m an economics and marketing major from Portland, Oregon, currently residing in the beautiful Igancio Hall. If you ever need a concert or café hopping buddy I’m your go-to!

Hi there! I’m Olivia. People describe me as Type-A, New England preppy, and “that Maine girl.” I love to spend as much time as possible by the ocean, discuss feminism and politics over food, and color-code everything in my life. I’m a history major from Kennebunk, Maine, and am living on Lower for the FIRST TIME in Rubenstein Hall (#thanksCoro). HMU if you want to have life chats or eat Sweet Green.

Together we’re Oliya—just kidding, don’t call us that. But seriously, we are so excited for Thrive and hope to provide an intentional space for sophomore women to have open conversation, opportunities for self-reflection, and fun! We look forward to sharing our BC experiences with you as well as our mutual love for food, Gilmore Girls, and Roncalli, but more importantly, we can’t wait to get to know you, and walk with you as you continue to navigate your BC experience.

Aya and Olivia's group meets Wednesdays at 7pm.



Julia and Ambrey

Hi! I'm Julia from Las Vegas, NV. I am currently studying psychology on a pre-med track. I was a peer advisor for the college transition program (CTP) through the learning to learn office and I really enjoyed the bonds I made with my group members, other CTP-ers, and my fellow PAs. I want to continue to serve as a mentor for underclass(wo)men that are experiencing a few bumps in the road, or are feeling a little lost, as I felt that way for my first few years here at BC. I am also a black belt in kendo, a former rugby player, and I can wiggle my ears!

Hi! I'm Ambrey from Holden, MA. I study communication & marketing and French. During my time at BC, I’ve gained so much from group discussions that manage to go deeper than the day-to-day, surface-level conversations of campus life, and I would love to help provide that kind of outlet for sophomore women. I’ve also benefited a lot from hearing the perspective of older BC women, so I thought becoming a Thrive mentor would be a great way to pay it forward.

This semester, we want to create a space for open, meaningful dialogue where participants have the opportunity to speak freely about whatever topics they need to, with our guidance; to foster bonds with and between participants that will transcend the boundaries of the weekly group meeting space; and to get to know group members on a personal level and check in with them periodically on a one-on-one basis, hearing feedback & addressing any concerns they may have.

Julia and Ambrey's group meets Wednesdays at 8pm.



Emily and Vicki

Hi! I’m Emily. I am  a native Bostonian and am living in Iggy. Currently I’m  a senior at the Morrissey College of Arts and Sciences majoring in Biology with a minor in Medical Humanities. Last semester I’ve  travelled abroad in New Zealand and am passionate about learning different cultures and exploring.

Hey, I’m Vicki! I’m from New Jersey, but currently living in the Mods. I’m a senior in the Lynch School studying Applied Psych & Human Development and also in a 5-year program to earn my Masters in Social Work. I’m passionate about women’s rights, understanding differing perspectives, and cultivating new relationships.

We both love discovering new cuisines and baking dessert, travelling and learning about different cultures, hiking, water sports, and beaches. We hope that in our THRIVE group, everyone becomes comfortable with talking about their issues within the shared space we create, people are willing to take risks and share their experiences and to connect with their peers, and that we can establish a trust between our mentees so that if needed we can be there to support them to the best of our abilities.

Emily and Vicki's group meets Wednesdays at 8pm.