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Presented by the Women's Center and UGBC

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Current is a civic engagement collaboration between the Women's Center and the Undergraduate Government of Boston College that encourages students, faculty, and staff to gather, exchange ideas, display solidarity, and share resources around critical current events and social issues affecting our community and our world.

This programming collaboration will take the form of both a weekly informal conversation as well as periodic large-scale, campus-wide events on issues identified by key stakeholders on campus.


Our vision is to offer supportive and challenging spaces for students to become more informed, empowered, and activated to effect local and global change. As a result of engaging with Current, students will be able to:

  • Appreciate diverse perpectives pertaining to current events issues to which they have been newly exposed.
  • Report a sense of solidarity with fellow students surrounding at least one issue/topic.
  • Identify one or two faculty, staff, or students with whom they can pursue further conversation, engagement, and learning.
  • Perform one concrete action step locally or globally pertaining to a current events issue.



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