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Concerned About Rape Education Week

A week to raise awareness about sexual assault, rape, and intimate partner violence

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Though matters of rape and sexual assault are issues that college students face throughout the year, the WC holds Concerned About Rape Education (CARE) Week during the spring semester of every year which focuses on raising awareness about sexual assault and intimate partner violence on and off campus. Take Back The Night, held at the middle of every CARE week, creates a community of support where survivors tell their stories in front of a large group of peers.

Programs aim to educate students and provide resources about the following:
    •    The prevalence of sexual assault and rape on college campuses
    •    The definition of consent
    •    Ways to recognize and navigate unhealthy relationships
    •    How to help a friend who survived a sexual assault
    •    Deconstructing the stigma associated with survivors of sexual assault
    •    How to be a proactive bystander

Throughout the week, students are informed about the on-campus resources available to them from SANet (Sexual Assault Network), Boston College Police Department, University Counseling Services, University Health Services, and the Women’s Center.

After attending one or more CARE Week activities students will be better able to:
    •    Create a community of support for sexual assault survivors, which fosters empathy,               encourages advocacy, and is conscious of individual potential to positively impact               the community.
    •    Interpret cultural messages and systems that condone and perpetuate sexual violence
    •    Know and apply BC resources in a given situation for oneself and peers.
    •    Indicate increased awareness of how sexual violence operates among different racial           and ethnic communities.
    •    Recognize and intervene in different forms of sexual assault.
    •    Educate peers regarding sexual violence.


Past C.A.R.E. Week Events


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