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Boston College Pregnancy and Parenting Resources

The Boston College community is here to support students expecting a child. We hold the emotional, physical, and spiritual well-being of a woman, the child, and those who care about them, in a strong network of support. You are not alone.

If you or your partner is expecting a child, BC has many resources to assist you in continuing and completing your degree. If a friend is pregnant, we are here to support you as well.

Kate Daly, Volunteer and Service Learning Center, and Rick Rossi, Campus Ministry are pregnancy support advocates and are available for safe, non-judgmental conversations and assistance throughout. All conversations can be kept private.

As a Jesuit Catholic university that supports life,  Boston College is committed to your well-being as well as the child’s. We are here for you. 

Boston College is a Jesuit Catholic institution. Consistent with its Catholic heritage, it is committed to a mission that supports all life at all times. As such, we compassionately and proactively support our pregnant and parenting students on campus.

Where life is involved, the service of charity must be profoundly consistent. It cannot tolerate bias and discrimination, for human life is sacred and inviolable at every stage and in every situation…Every Christian community, with a renewed sense of responsibility, must continue to write this history through various kinds of pastoral and social activity. To this end, appropriate and effective programmes of support for new life must be implemented, with special closeness to mothers who, even without the help of the father, are not afraid to bring their child into the world and to raise it. [8]

Pope John Paul II
Evangelium vitae, 1995 

BC Health Services provides free pregnancy tests on a walk-in basis. Health Services is located at 2150 Commonwealth Ave. Residence Hall. You may also wish to make an appointment to see Yolanda Hobin, one of the Nurse Practitioners who provide women’s health evaluations. To do so, call 617 552-2225.

If you are in fact pregnant, Health Services can also help arrange referrals with off-campus physicians, provide nutritional guidance, and answer any health-related questions you may have about your pregnancy.

During pregnancy:  It is important to us that all Boston College students feel fully welcome and part of this community. Pregnant students can remain in their residence hall throughout their pregnancy.  Residential Life staff will assist you in making this new reality as comfortable as possible in every way.

After giving birth:  The residence hall structure is not equipped to provide housing to students caring for a child, and so the Office of Residential Life is committed to working with students to explore suitable housing options near BC.

Jessica Graf, Assistant Director, is available to meet before or after you meet with a pregnancy support advocate.  She can be reached at 617-552-3060 or

Expecting a child does not mean you have to give up on pursuing your degree. You are welcome to remain a student at Boston College throughout your pregnancy and while parenting. The pregnancy support advocates can help you think through the questions and concerns you may want to address with your academic dean based on the particulars of your pregnancy.

Academic Advising Center
Rory Browne, Director, Academic Advising Center
617-552-9259  |

Carroll School of Management
Richard Keeley, Senior Associate Dean, Undergraduate Program
617-552-3932  |

Morrissey College of Arts and Sciences
Michael Martin, Junior & Senior Class Dean
617-552-9259  |

Clare Dunsford, Sophomore Class Dean
617-552-9259  |

Rory Browne, Freshman Class Dean
617-552-9259  |

Connell School of Nursing
Sean Clarke, Associate Dean, Undergraduate Programs
617-552-4250  |

Lynch School of Education
Julia Whitcavitch-Devoy, Associate Dean, Undergraduate Student Services
617 552-4200  |

Woods College of Advancing Studies
David Goodman, Associate Dean, Academic Affairs and Advising
617 552-3455  |

Educational Financing, Financial Services, and General Student Services 

Some pregnant students may wish to explore a temporary leave of absence as a useful option in order to complete their degree. Taking a pregnancy leave of absence is entirely up to the student, and your academic dean can talk through that process as well.

Should you choose to take a leave of absence, your tuition, room, and board charges may be adjusted, depending on the date of your withdrawal.  Your Financial Aid Associate can explain to you any possible impact to your financial aid package and help you understand the process. Finally, Student Services will confirm that your academic and financial arrangements have been properly recorded – and will ensure the confidentiality of all of your records. 

Kathleen McGuinness, Interim University Registrar, Academic and General Service
617 552-4976  |

Mary S. McGranahan, Director of Financial Aid, Student Services
617-552-3325  |

Pastoral Care and Counseling
Rick Rossi is a licensed clinical social worker and a campus minister, offering confidential, clinical support to any students in need.

McElroy 227

University Counseling Services
University Counseling Services is able to assist you in managing emotional and relational impacts on your life as a student and parent. You can make an appointment with University Counseling Services by calling 617-552-3310.

Dr. Craig Burns, Director
Gasson 001

Campus Ministry
All Campus Ministers are available to speak with BC students in privacy about any issues and will offer caring, compassionate support.

McElroy 233

The Women’s Center also has a variety of resources available on parenting. You are welcome to stop by the Women’s Center, which is located in Maloney 441, or make an appointment with a staff member to talk through the resources.

Katie Dalton
Director, Women’s Center

After the baby is born, childcare will need to be arranged during class time. Kate Daly and Rick Rossi, pregnancy support advocates can help you consider your options.

Those journeying with someone they care for during a pregnancy have an important role and can often have mixed feeling or are unsure how to care for their loved one. We encourage you to contact any of our pregnancy support advocates to talk through your questions and concerns.  

You may also find resources mentioned in the other tabs on this webpage helpful to you as well.