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Meet the Bystander Trainers

Bystander Education Trainers teach their peers about the importance of speaking out and standing up to prevent sexual violence from occuring. They are part of a social movement that seeks to create a change in campus culture, and form a community of people who refuse to stand by in the face of violence. Read on to learn more about our team of Bystander Trainers!

Lead Trainers

photo of Eliza Manriquez

Eliza Manriquez, MCAS ’20, is a sociology major with plans of going to law school. She is from Orlando, Florida and therefore loves Disney World. She is really excited to be a Bystander trainer and to promote awareness about sexual assault and the importance of intersectionality in these discussions. Eliza also has an amazing service dog by her side at all times who she loves to travel and explore with.





Photo of Janani

Janani Sundaresan, MCAS ’21, is from Potomac, MD and is Majoring in Biology and minoring in Medical Humanities on the pre-med track! She is the GROW coordinator on BC’s GlobeMed chapter and a member of Arrupe’s Chile team. She is extremely passionate about working to educate, empower and support women’s and maternal health in Boston and around the world. One day she hopes to use her education to empower and serve women in South Asia that are struggling to get the health services they need and deserve. In her free time she enjoys watching cartoons between writing papers, finding dogs to pet, and hanging out in spaces with copious amounts of plants and flowers and reading with coffee! 


Senior Trainers

photo of Nicola Roux

Nicola Roux (she/her/hers), MCAS '20, is from Vienna, VA and is a Psychology BS major on the premed track with a minor in Medical Humanities (and would have about 12 other minors if time would allow). Nicola is passionate about supporting survivors and ending sexual violence on college campuses and beyond. In her time as a trainer so far, she has enjoyed facilitating better conversations with her friends and peers about supporting survivors, navigating healthy relationships, and consent. Nicola is committed to informed advocacy and care for others, with a focus on issues of sexual violence and the intersections of gender, sex, sexuality and healthcare. She hopes to go on to medical school to become an OB/GYN, and her loftiest goals include redefining what the term “women’s healthcare” means and working towards trauma-informed, inclusive, and accessible healthcare for all humans. In addition to Bystander, Nicola serves as the co-president of GlobeMed, rides on the BC Club Equestrian team, and volunteers as a crisis counselor for the Boston Area Rape Crisis Center! Nicola enjoys waking up ridiculously early to go hiking, tasting every version of black raspberry ice cream to ever exist, petting other people’s dogs, reading inside during thunderstorms, and baking banana bread to avoid responsibilities.

photo of Sam Ricci

Samantha Ricci, MCAS’20, is from Waltham, Massachusetts. She is pre law and currently pursuing a History major and Medical Humanities minor. She is passionate in ensuring that every person is treated as a human being. She is very excited to be on the Bystander team and to continue to participate in and facilitate conversations about sexual assault and campus sexual violence. In her free time, Samantha enjoys reading everything, dancing, trying to be funny, and continuously demolishing the patriarchy.


Photo of Juan Lones

Juan Lones, CSOM '20, is from Bronx, NY, and is majoring in Finance and hopes to one day get his MBA. He is a member of Boston College's B.E.A.T.S a capella group, and works at Campus Ministry. Juan is passionate about social justice and intersectionality. He is excited be a part of the Bystander community and hopes to facilitate conversation about feminism, gender equality, and sexual assault prevention on campus. Juan enjoys many different sports and can be found playing basketball at the Plex instead of studying.




photo of Hana Cho

Hana Cho, MCAS ’20, is from Queens, NY and is a Psychology B.S/Neuroscience major on the premed track. She spent this summer in Madrid through the BC summer abroad program and can tell you all the good tapas she ate! Hana is particularly interested in addressing sexual assault in the greater Asian American/immigrant community and wishes to proactively diversify issues regarding sexual abuse and assault in the greater BC community. Besides being on the Bystander team, Hana is also on board for the Korean Students Association (KSA) and Asian Caucus. In her free time, she is either found binge watching netflix or taking a nap but also enjoys photography when the weather is beautiful!



photo of Katie Genirs

Katie Genirs, LSOE '20, is from Warren, NJ. She is pursuing a double major in Applied Psychology and Communication. Katie is passionate about women's issues and gender equality, and is excited to continue her work with the Bystander team! In addition Bystander, Katie is also on the BC Club Equestrian team and works in the Video Services department on campus. Beyond that, she is looking forward to soaking up her last year at BC with the amazing people she is lucky to call her friends.




photo of Noah Jussila

Noah Jussila, MCAS '20, is from West Greenwich, Rhode Island. He is majoring in mathematics and economics, and wants to pursue a PhD in economics and go into academia. Being raised by a single mother instilled within Noah the importance of treating women with respect, and inspired him to become a Bystander Trainer. He is excited to bring awareness to how sexual assault affects those of all races and socioeconomic backgrounds. Along with participating in the Bystander Intervention Program, Noah is a member of the Shaw Leadership Program, participates in the McNair Scholars Program, and conducts research in the economics department. On any given day, Noah can be found in a booth in Lower doing schoolwork and listening to Radiohead, or practicing self care through sleep and exercise.


Photo of Elidilh Currie

Eilidh Currie, MCAS ’20, is from North Bend, Washington. She is studying political science and sociology and hopes to establish a career in policymaking. Eilidh is passionate about women’s issues and is dedicated to opening an important dialogue about sexual assault on campus. She is looking forward to working with the Bystander team to make BC a safer place by spreading awareness about the issues surrounding sexual assault and consent. In her free time, Eilidh enjoys running, watching Netflix, and planning elaborate trips around the world she may never be able to afford.

photo of Ellen Kang

Ellen Kang, MCAS '20, is a Psychology major from Clarksburg, Maryland. She is passionate about promoting equality and deeply cares about social issues regarding race, gender, and socioeconomics. Ellen joined Bystander Intervention in hopes of breaking the stigma attached to victims of sexual assault and the psychological effects that often result from these traumatic events. She hopes to convey a message of not only self-defense against sexual predators, but also the overall prevention and elimination of sexual assault on BC's campus. In addition to being a Bystander Trainer, Ellen is also involved in Ecopledge and UGBC's Environmental Caucus. She enjoys reading, watching movies, hiking, and binging drinking tea. 


Photo of Chris Ferrari

Chris Ferrari, MCAS ’20, is a Political Science and Communication double major from Tulsa, Oklahoma. Chris is a member and captain of Sexual Chocolate, Boston College’s all male step team. He is also a supporter for Lean on Me, which is a emotional support hotline for students struggling in any aspect of their lives, whether it be academic or emotional stress. Chris is excited to be working with Bystander Intervention in an effort to help make Boston College a safer environment for people of all genders, races, and sexualities. Chris loves meeting new people and is always happy to hang out at the Chocolate Bar with his friends. You can find him practicing for upcoming shows, hanging out with friends, or writing essays!



Photo of Sydney Koehler

Sydney Koehler, MCAS ’20, is from Minneapolis, Minnesota, and is a double-major in Political Science and English, with plans to (eventually) go to law school. She spent her junior spring semester in Amsterdam and has all the good things in the world to say about it. Aside from Bystander, Sydney is also a member of the University Chorale and a volunteer at the Boston Area Rape Crisis Center. She loves traveling, hiking, exploring all that Boston has to offer, and humoring people with her Minnesotan accent. Sydney is passionate about all aspects of gender equality and female empowerment, so she’s extremely excited to continue her work with the Bystander team during her final year at BC!



Photo of Alexis

Alexis Sabbaghian, MCAS ’20, is from Lafayette, Louisiana. She is majoring in Economics an intended minor in Mathematics or French. In addition to Bystander, Alexis participated in the Catalyst Program this past summer, and will be the Director of Outreach in the Communications division of Boston College’s Undergraduate Government this year. She is incredibly excited to be a part of Bystander this year, and remains passionate about facilitating conversations surrounding consent, hook-up culture, gender empowerment. In her spare time, Alexis enjoys surfing & paddle boarding, visiting art museums, and volunteering at animal shelters.

photo of Caroline Keil

Caroline Keil, LSOE ‘20, is an Applied Psychology & Human Development and Communications double major. From the North Fork of Long Island, NY Caroline enjoys all things beach related, and runs a youth sailing program during the summer. Caroline is very passionate about preventing sexual assault on campus and is interested in women's health issues, body positivity, and the stigmas surrounding feminism. During her first two years at BC, Caroline has become very involved with several service programs, the Student Admission Program and Arts Council and dances for the Golden Eagles Dance Team.


Photo of Erin McHugh

Erin McHugh, MCAS '20 is a senior from Morristown, New Jersey. She is majoring in biology in addition to minoring in history. Erin has always been passionate about gender equality, open discussion about sexual assault on campus, and female empowerment. She is excited to be a bystander trainer this year and will also be volunteering through PULSE and attending an Arrupe service trip this winter. In her free time, she enjoys reading, going to the beach and searching for the best slice of pizza.




photo of Molly Fadden

Molly Fadden, LSOE 20, is from Morristown New Jersey and will defend New Jersey against any who fault it. Molly is majoring in Applied Psych and Communication with a minor in Managing for Social Impact, looking to attend grad school to become a clinician. They are super passionate about supporting survivors, educating peers, and ending sexual violence/coercive relationships on both college campuses and in other settings. They are often found talking with peers about ways to meet needs in a healthy way, ensuring that consent is the underlying idea behind all behaviors. They are especially interested in the ways that sexual violence affects the queer community and is committed to educating themselves and others about these issues. Beyond Bystander, Molly spends time helping out with RHA and discussing the college transition as an Ascend leader. If they're not there you'll likely find them in their room playing the Sims or catching up on the latest reality baking shows to avoid the crushing weight of being a senior. 


Photo of Gabriel Vasquez Rosado

Gabriel Vasquez Rosado, CSOM '20, is majoring in Marketing and Finance. He is originally from the Dominican Republic but he's lived in Boston for the past 10 years. On campus he's involved in a few things such as the Jamaica Magis Service and Immersion Trip, the Dominican Association of Boston College and Fuego Del Corazon. He is extremely passionate about social justice and therefore likes to be part of healthy conversations that help people around us have a better outlook in life. He's really excited to join the Bystander community and hopes to learn many ways in which he can use his male privilege to help make our campus a safe place for everyone. On his free time he loves to spend time with his friends, watch lots of Netflix, listen to music, and dance. 


Junior Trainers

photo of Alexia Kovastis

Alexia Kovatsis, LSOE '21, is from Natick, Massachusetts. She is an Elementary Education and Applied Psychology & Human Development double major with minors in Special Education and Teaching English Language Learners. In addition to the Bystander Intervention Program, she is a TA at the Campus School, an iPlan Health Coach, a Research Fellow, and part of the rehabilitation team at the Carroll Center for the Blind. She is passionate about promoting intersectionality and fighting sexual assault, gender inequalities, and social stigmas. Alexia is excited to be working with a marvelous team of students to strive towards creating a safer campus for everyone at Boston College. In her spare time, Alexia loves running, reading, listening to crime podcasts, and currently she is [attempting] to teach herself code.



Photo of Cassie Gross

Cassie Gross, MCAS ’21, is from Eden Prairie, Minnesota. She is majoring in International Studies with a concentration in Cooperation and Conflict and minoring in Management and Leadership. She is passionate about Bystander because it creates an opportunity to have real conversations about making BC a safe and welcoming place for every student. Cassie is also a tour guide with the Student Admissions Program and co-President of the International Studies Student Association. When she has free time, you’ll most likely find her spending time with friends, creating new Spotify playlists, or watching Grey’s Anatomy.



photo of Catherine Cremens

Catherine Cremens, MCAS ‘21, is from Charlotte, North Carolina. She is majoring in International Studies with a concentration in Ethics and Social Justice and minoring in Higher Education. In addition to Bystander, Catherine is a tour guide for BC and a teacher’s assistant in a classroom in Brighton. She’s excited to be a part of Bystander this fall to help make BC a safer campus before she studies abroad in Granada, Spain this spring. 





photo of Sankari N

Sankari Nadanapathan, LSOE '21, is from Old Tappan, New Jersey. She is currently majoring in Applied Psychology and Human Development. Sankari has always been passionate about women empowerment and gender equality, so she is also considering a minor in Women's and Gender Studies. She is looking forward to being a Bystander trainer because sexual assault and harassment are prevalent issues that everyone needs to be educated about. In addition to joining the Bystander team, Sankari is a member of Climate Justice, hoping to create not only a safer BC campus but also a healthier planet. In her free time, Sankari enjoys baking, watching horror movies, and traveling with family and friends.



photo of Emma Kane

Emma Kane, MCAS '21, is from Minneapolis, MN. She is double majoring in Political Science and Sociology. Emma is interested in law and public policy relating to human rights. At BC, Emma is a Bowman Advocate and Women's Center staff member. She is so ecstatic to return to the Bystander team this year to continue her journey of education and advocacy for sexual agency and related issues. In her free time, Emma enjoys  exploring Boston, reading, painting, and spending time with friends.



Photo of Diane Reardon

Diane Reardon, LSOE ‘21, is from Milford Massachusetts. She is an Applied Psychology and Human Development major with a minor in Women and Gender Studies. In addition to Bystander Intervention she is involved in undergraduate faculty research, Appalachian Volunteers, and CLC. Diane is also the Vice President of STITCH, BC’s knitting club (yes BC has a knitting club). She is passionate about women and gender issues and looks forward to create a dialogue with her other students. She feels it is crucial to educate others about consent and sexual assault on BC’s campus. In her free time Diane enjoys doing crafts, knitting, and advocating for the fashion of Crocs.


Photo of Dan Botta

Dan Botta, MCAS '21, is from Ramsey, NJ and studying Economics and Accounting for Consulting at BC. Aside from academics, he works for Athletic Maintenance, and is the Logistics Chair for Relay for Life. He is an avid BC sports fan, and loves watching all of BC's athletes play. He only has 3 semesters left at BC because he'll be studying abroad in Parma this Spring, but he is still ruthlessly pursuing an IM mug.



Photo of Hannah Chapdelaine

Hannah Chapdelaine, MCAS ‘21, is from Chicopee, MA. She is currently majoring in biology with a minor in public health. She is excited to serve the BC community through important discussions around preventing sexual assault and standing with survivors. She just finished a summer abroad in Ecuador where she studied public health and healthcare access in rural settings. After BC, she hopes to follow her passions for international public health, healthcare equity, and women’s health into whatever career that may be (still working on figuring that out!). In addition to Bystander, she is a tour guide on campus, a health coach, and a big sister in BC bigs! In her free time, she enjoys cooking, hiking, hammocking, and smashing the patriarchy! 

photo of Amanda Roussel

Amanda Roussel, MCAS ’21, is from Birmingham, Alabama and is pursuing a Psychology BA major and a minor in Art History. She is ardent about educating herself and others on the realities of sexual assault and harassment, both on campus and on a global scale. Additionally, Amanda is a passionate ally and supporter of disabled communities. She hopes to use her Psychology degree to work with mentally, physically, and developmentally disabled folks. Besides being involved with Bystander Intervention, Amanda is a DJ and board member of WZBC, McMullen Museum student ambassador, a generally crafty lady, and a big fan of the BC dining bakery department.


Sophomore Trainers

Photo of Avery Olsen

Avery Olsen, MCAS ’22, is from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and currently and English major with an applied psych major. She was involved in ULA last year and is still involved in UGBC in the Student Initiatives branch. She's also on the board of Meditation club and a part of STRIDE. She's excited to be a part of Bystander so she can help raise awareness and open the conversation about sexual assault. You can find her laughing too loudly in Stokes with her friends, showing strangers pictures of her dogs, referencing New Girl, or watching highlights from the Eagle’s Super Bowl win.



Photo of Sophie Carter

Sophie Carter, MCAS ’22, is a sophomore from Warwick, Rhode Island. She is double majoring in Political Science and Philosophy, with a minor in Managing for Social Impact and the Public Good in CSOM. She hopes to eventually pursue a career in political and community organizing. She is passionate about empowering conversations about sexual violence prevention and consent. In addition to Bystander Intervention, she is a member of the Fulton Debating Society and serves on the executive board for the College Democrats of Boston College. In her free time, she enjoys long runs, reading, and good coffee.  




Photo of Alec Goos

Alec Goos, MCAS '22, is from Des Moines, Iowa. He is Pre-Law and is majoring in Political Science and minoring in Management and Leadership. After law school, he wants to work in US politics. Alec is extremely excited to join the Bystander team as a trainer to help foster quality discussion about sexual assault prevention and to teach strategies to BC students that can be utilized to create a safer campus. In addition to being a part of Bystander, Alec is also involved with EcoPledge, Eagles & Buddies, and The Rock at BC. In his spare time, Alec enjoys reading, watching TV, listening to music (mostly Oldies and Hamilton), working out, and hanging out with friends.  



Photo of Mubmi Mwuara

Mumbi Mwaura, MCAS '22, is a sophomore majoring in Sociology with a minor in African and African Diaspora Studies. She is very passionate about various social justice issues such as sexual assault and racial inequality. She is excited to be involved in the Women's Center and to be a Bystander trainer to make an effort to end sexual assault and raise awareness on campus. In her free time she enjoys going to cafes and finding great coffee, writing and listening to music (Smino is her favorite artist). 





Photo of Cate Keithline

Cate Keithline, MCAS '22 is from New Britain, Connecticut, and is an environmental studies major. She is excited to serve the BC community as a bystander trainer and bring discussions about sexual assault into an academic setting. She is passionate about many environmental and social justice issues, especially looking at them from an intersectional lens. In her free time, Cate enjoys hiking, paddle boarding, and trying to finish New York Times crossword puzzles. 



Photo of Julia Natale

Julia Natale, MCAS ‘22, is from Danvers Massachusetts. Although she is still undecided, she is currently studying the sciences with a possible major in biology. She is also minoring in french. In the future, she wants to work in the health care industry, with the hopes of becoming a physicians assistant. She is extremely excited to become part of the Bystander Team to help spread awareness of how to prevent sexual assault on BC’s campus, and foster healthy conversations about consent. She is also part of SAP and is a Facilitator for the Emerging Leaders Program. In her free time, she loves spending time with friends, doing film photography, and listening to music.




Photo of Riley Casadei

Riley Casadei, MCAS '22, is from Stonington, Connecticut and is an International Studies major (and potentially French or biology minor) with hopes of doing work combatting climate change. After volunteering at the Women's Summit last semester, she is very excited to get more involved with the Women's Center, particularly as part of the Bystander team. She hopes to help spread awareness about the prevalence of sexual assault and how anyone and everyone can play a part to help prevent it and support survivors. Apart from Bystander Intervention, she is also a member of Stride and Meditation club. In her free time, she enjoys spending time with friends, doing crossword puzzles, reading, and listening to music. 



Photo of Bilguissa Barry

Bilguissa Barry, MCAS '22, is a sophomore majoring in International Studies with a minor in African and African Diaspora Studies. She is really exited to work with Bystander and raise awareness on campus and work towards making our campus feel safe and a welcoming environment to all students. 





Photo of Harper Barbaree

Harper Barbaree, MCAS '22, is from Atlanta, GA and studying medicine and international studies, she is pretty far from home, but feels lucky to have found an awesome community here at BC. When she's not hanging at the Women's Center, you can catch her rehearsing with the Sharps of Boston College or giving Eagle for a Day tours, probably with a cup of coffee in her reusable corgi-patterned mug (save the planet!). She's a proud feminist and is always happy to chat about everything from Dolly Parton music to organic chemistry. Feel free to say hi if you see her around campus! 



Photo of Izzy Cavazzoni

Isabella Cavazzoni, MCAS '22, is from the Jersey Shore and is an English major at Boston College. Isabella (though most of her friends call her Izzy) is also an editor and writer for The Heights. Izzy hopes to continue to write about women's issues for The Heights and pursue a career as a feminist author after graduation. Some issues she is most passionate about include sexual assault and domestic violence prevention and awareness, as well as body positivity and self-love. She can most likely be found writing, talking a little too loudly in quiet places, or drinking iced lattes with oat milk. Yes, oat milk. Izzy can’t wait to get involved in Stand Up BC and the Women’s Center. 



Photo of Macie Gettings

Macie Gettings, MCAS '22, is from Thousand Oaks, California and is studying Biology with a minor in Applied Psychology. After her time at BC, she plans to attend med school and pursue a career in the medical field. On campus, she is involved with The Gavel student newspaper and is a tour guide for new students. She is thrilled to be working with the Women's Center in hopes of preventing many of the problems so prevalent on college campuses. When she's not busy rewatching Gilmore Girls or taking far too many irrelevant Buzzfeed quizzes, she's found hanging with friends. If you ever see her around ask her out for a cup of coffee, or maybe 3! 



Photo of Rachel Virgin

Rachel Virgin, LSOE class of '22, is from Saugus, MA, and is majoring in secondary education and hopes to one day become a college professor after tackling task of teaching high school students. She is passionate about literature, reading, and writing, and aspires to write a novel of her own in the future. She is excited to be a part of the Bystander team, and to work to make the Boston College community a safer, more inclusive environment. 




Photo of Kayla Benitez Alvarez

Kayla Benitez Alvarez, LSOE ‘22, is from Worcester, Massachusetts and is currently an applied psychology and human development and sociology double major. Kayla is also a UGBC senator representing first generation students and a McNair Scholar, interested in research pertaining to students of color. Kayla is excited to work with the Women’s Center and Bystander Intervention to help spread awareness about sexual assault on campus as well as empowering other women. In her free time she enjoys drinking coffee, petting dogs, and watching The Office. 




Photo of Olivia Welsh

Olivia Welsh, MCAS '22, is a sophomore from Chicago, IL. She is currently on the prelaw track and majoring in political science. She is very passionate about social justice and plans on becoming a lawyer. Other clubs she's involved with include: Bellarmine Law Society, Kaleidoscope International Journal, and College Democrats of Boston College. She is so excited to help teach younger students the importance of awareness and prevention of sexual assault. She is very passionate about women’s rights and gender equality. In her free time, Olivia loves to read, watch Netflix, play with her dog and hang out with friends. Say hi if you see her around campus!




Photo of Alexandra Apfel

Alex Apfel, MCAS ’22, is from Newton, MA. She hasn’t decided on a major yet but is considering Hispanic Studies and/or math. She was drawn to Bystander Intervention because of its mission to stand up to sexual violence, and also by the welcoming atmosphere of the women’s center as a whole. She hopes that BC can work toward normalizing the idea of being an active bystander, so people feel less hesitant to speak up in situations where they feel something isn’t right. In addition to her position as an advocate on the Bystander Intervention team, she also works in Campus Ministry. When she isn’t at class or work, she can usually be found hanging out with her dog.




Photo of Nora Akila

Nora Akila, MCAS '22, is a double major in Biology and Islamic Civilization & Societies. She's a premed student who hopes to attend Medical School after undergrad. She loves friendship, family, food, and baby chicks! Her ultimate goal is to spread positivity, tolerance, and compassion wherever she goes. 






Photo of Kaelin Mealey

Kaelin Mealey, MCAS '22, is a political science major from Philadelphia, PA. She plans to attend law school after her time at BC, with a particular interest in immigration and constitutional law. At BC, she loves playing for the Women’s Club Rugby team, and she is a member of the Meditation club. She is deeply passionate about equality, and is excited to be a part of Bystander to help bring awareness to gender issues. In her free time, she enjoys chasing every dog she sees on campus, drinking tea, and championing the differentiation between a hoagie and a sandwich. 



Photo of Jessica Pires

Jessica Pires, MCAS '22, is still deciding on her majors, but on the pre-law track. She is PR for CVSA. She is also very excited to be apart of Bystander Intervention :)









Photo of Grace Assogba

Grace Assogba, MCAS '22, is from New York, New York and majoring in International Studies with a concentration in cooperation and conflict. She's also minoring in African and African Diaspora Studies on the Pre-Law track! She spent this past summer in Paris, France studying Negritude and conducting research on the emergence of Afro-feminism and it's impact on the race relations in France. She's a Bowman Advocate, Co-events coordinator for the African Students Organization, and a member of the dance team P.A.T.U.! She's passionate about bringing more awareness to sexual violence and working to dismantle rape culture through active conversation and awareness in the BC community. During her free time, she's usually spending time with her friends, going to the movies, or trying to cook.