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Boston College Sexual Assault Network (SANet)

dedicated to empowerment, committed to advocacy

SANet logo that reads: Dedicated to Empowerment, Committed to Advocacy


If you have been affected by sexual violence, you can contact us anytime
at 617-552-2211




The mission of the Boston College Sexual Assault Network (SANet) is to connect those who have been directly or indirectly affected by sexual violence with trained advocates who can: offer empowering support to survivors, provide on and off campus resources, explore all available options, and be a compassionate and affirming presence throughout the healing process.

As a result of engaging with a SANet Hotline Advocate, callers will be able to:
1. Demonstrate feeling supported and affirmed by SANet regarding their experience of trauma.
2. Identify common reactions to trauma, which they might encounter in the aftermath of sexual misconduct.
3. Identify on or off-campus resources available to provide ongoing support and education.
4. Describe on-campus reporting options for a filing formal complaint of the misconduct.