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Student Leadership Awards

Each year, the Office of Student Involvement (OSI) presents awards to outstanding members of the Boston College community. Student awards recognize the individual's contribution to their co-curricular life at the University, their growth in leadership roles, and their creative involvement in campus life. There are also two awards that recognize the outstanding contributions of a faculty, staff, or administrator. Note: These awards were previously known as the Leadership Awards, but have been renamed the Ever to Excel Awards to better capture the essence of the awards.



The deadline to submit nominations is February 13th at 11:59 p.m.

 If you have any questions, please contact Kat Waxstein at

2018 Award Descriptions and Recipients

portrait joseph nano

Nicholas H. Woods Leadership Award
To the freshman who demonstrated initiative, motivation, and potential for continued student leadership within the university.

2018 Winner: Katie Canavan, '21| View Award Video


portrait Allison Wojciechowski, ‘19

Timothy M. Padulsky Award 
To the sophomore who mentored and encouraged other students to develop effective skills in inclusive leadership and teamwork.

2018 Winner: Annabelle Lee, ‘20 | View Award Video


portrait Helen Au, ‘18

Paul Chebator and Mer Zovko Award 
To the junior who embraced the changes embedded in the junior year experience and has been instrumental in creating community in their present environment, be it off-campus, abroad, or here on campus.

2018 Winner: Scott Henderson, ‘19 | View Award Video


portrait Collin Pratt, ‘17

Brian D. A. Hall Award
To the senior who demonstrated a deep level of commitment to a student program or organization, and whose leadership  advanced the mission of the organization and enhanced the quality of student life.

2018 Winner: Haydn White, ‘18 | View Award Video


portrait Carson Truesdell, ‘17

St. Ignatius Award for Personal Development
To the student whose values and ideals have most clearly undergone a transformation and/or deepening through his or her participation in co-curricular activities.

2018 Winner: Natalee Deaette, ‘19 | View Award Video


portrait Madeline Jones, 21

Jeffrey S. Keith Award
To the student who faced a physical or other significant challenge in his or her life while continuing to excel in academic and co-curricular activities.

2018 Winner: Madeline Jones, ‘21 | View Award Video


Jeffrey S. Keith Award 
To the student who faced a physical or other significant challenge in his or her life while continuing to excel in academic and co-curricular activities.

2018 Winner:  Muhammad Hassan, `21 | View Award Video

portrait Shea Pivnicka

St. Ignatius Award for Faith In Action
To the student who exemplified the imperative to "Seek God in All Things," and demonstrated love for God by serving his or her neighbor and inspiring others within the co-curricular environment to do the same.

2018 Winner: Shea Pivnicka, ‘19 | View Award Video


portrait Evan Griesing

St. Alphonsus Rodriguez Award 
To the student employee who went far beyond his or her paid responsibilities by fostering an atmosphere of hospitality, care, and concern, and who modeled student leadership by developing relationships, empowering others, and creating community at the University.

2018 Winner: Evan Griesing, ‘18 | View Award Video

portrait Marian Raphaelle Conception

Congressman John Joseph Moakley Award 
To the student who, in international service and volunteer work, most clearly demonstrated a passion for faith and a desire to see that faith enflesh itself in justice in the world.  Awarded by Campus Ministry.

2018 Winner: Marian Raphaelle Conception, ‘19| View Award Video


portrait taraun frontis

Alfred Feliciano and Valerie Lewis Award
To the student who made extraordinary contributions to further the ideals of the AHANA (African-American, Hispanic, Asian, and Native American) acronym, and who provided leadership to help the Boston College community actualize the AHANA concept.   Awarded by the Thea Bowman AHANA and Intercultural Center.

2018 Winner: Taraun Frontis, ‘19| View Award Video

portrait eller juco

Welles Remy Crowther Service Award - Service to Others
To the student who consistently demonstrates a commitment to service and who inspires others by their example. Awarded by the Volunteer and Service Learning Center.

2018 Winner: Eller Juco, ‘18 | View Award Video


portrait Roberto Garcia

Robert A. Sherwood Award
To the student who demonstrated a commitment and contribution to community and civic engagement through excellence in his or her leadership and service to the Boston College community and beyond.  Awarded by the Office of the Dean of Students.

2018 Winner: Roberto Garcia, ‘19 | View Award Video


The Student Organization of the Year Award
To the Student Organization who exemplified their stated mission and enriched student life through their programmatic efforts. Awarded by the Office of Student Involvement.

2018 Winner: Full Swing| View Award Video


“Ever to Excel” Award
To the student group who made an outstanding contribution to Boston College in areas such as education, social justice, service, safety, etc.

2018 Winner: Bowman Advocates for Inclusive Culture | View Award Video


portrait judith Shindul Rothschild

Reverend John R. Trzaska, S.J. Award
To the faculty member who expanded the horizons, skills, and value systems of Boston College students by providing support and guidance outside of the classroom.

2018 Winner: Judith Shindul Rothschils | View Award Video


portrait Katie King Crowley

Mary Kaye Waldron Award
To the faculty member, administrator, or employee who demonstrated a continual commitment to the ideals of Boston College with a self-evident belief in the need to enhance student life in a positive manner.

2018 Winner:  Katie King Crowley | View Award Video


If you have any questions, please contact Claire Ostrander at or 617-552-3480.