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Great Expectations: a look at three Boston College bucket lists

The BC experience is an individual pursuit, shaped by what your student hopes to accomplish, attempt, and achieve during four years at Boston College. We asked three students to share what’s on their BC bucket lists.   

Nanci Fiore-Chettiar ’15, a sociology major and president of the Undergraduate Government of Boston College.

  1. Find a faculty mentor
  2. Make sure I catch A Cappella Fest and the dance troupe ALC Showdown
  3. Get into Boston at least once a month so I don’t get stuck in the “BC Bubble”
  4. Take part in a service-learning experience
  5. Find my passion

Alessandra Maldonado ’16, an English major, created a bucket list her freshman year and has added to it ever since.

  1. Find and keep friends who challenge me and accept me in all my crazy forms
  2. Find what the world needs me to do as an individual
  3. Fail
  4. Become a leader in my own unique way
  5. Always, always ask questions

Zachary Moore ’16, an economics major, is a DJ at Boston College’s radio station, WZBC.

  1. Study abroad in Paris
  2. Become a DJ at the college radio station
  3. Go on Kairos retreat
  4. Take a ceramics class
  5. Spend spring break in an exotic locale