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Cross Currents

A Collaborative Initiative of Student Affairs and Academic Affairs

Cross Currents Seminars are one-credit courses that provide upper-level undergraduate students with an opportunity to explore a topic being presented in one of their courses with greater depth. Cross Current Seminars not only facilitate an in-depth exploration of a given topic, but assist students in making connections between academic material and their persona experiences, values, and actions.

Learning Outcomes

As a result of participating in a Cross Currents Seminars, students will be able to:

  • Form connections between the topics and scholarly materials covered in their academic courses with their experience, values, and actions
  • Collaborate with faculty and the staff of Student Affairs and Mission & Ministry
Fall 2018 Cross Current Seminar Offerings
Course Title Faculty
Thinking About Law and Economics John Felter
Thinking About Inequality Burt Howell
Thinking About Race Karl Bell & Tiffany Enos
Thinking About Successful Teams Caitriona Taylor & Sara Essember
Thinking About Intercultural Competency Matthew Goode