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About VPSA

students gathered at the involvement affair outside Gasson Hall

Mission Statment

The mission of the Division of Student Affairs is to facilitate student learning and formation, to prepare students to be thoughtful and engaged citizens, and to advance the Jesuit, Catholic heritage and values of Boston College.

The Office of the Vice President for Student Affairs (VPSA) oversees the Division of Student Affairs and supports all aspects of the student learning experience at Boston College. Inspired by cura personalis, Student Affairs' programs and services seek to care for the entire person, as they promote learning, health and wellness, leadership development, and community engagement for all students. 

Please visit our departments for more information about the Division of Student Affairs.

The Division of Student Affairs will be a full partner in the process of learning and formation at Boston College. By providing a diversity of experiential learning opportunities, building communities of respect and support, encouraging and supporting lives of integrity, offering services that remove barriers to learning, promoting students' readiness to learn, and collaborating with the Divisions of Academic Affairs and Mission and Ministry, Student Affairs will help students engage fully with the University's educational opportunities and progress in their journey of personal formation.

Student Affairs strives for the magis, or the more, in every aspect of its organization, operations, and program and service design and delivery; the division is committed to evidence-based practice and the use of assessment data to strengthen programs and services. Through reflective, strategic planning, careful allocation of resources, and comprehensive staff formation, the division works to provide learning experiences, programs, and services that produce sound student outcomes.

In all of its work, Student Affairs seeks to know and understand students, address and support their needs, while also encouraging them to be self-advocates; it intends to work with students to create a strong and healthy learning environment, through a culture of inclusion and participation. One special focus of the division's work is recognizing and addressing the needs of underrepresented students.

Student Affairs intends to create and sustain a caring community within the division, which recognizes the contributions and achievements of all staff and leadership, and encourages an appropriate and sustainable practice of self-care for all members of the division.

Divisional staff will adhere to a set of guiding principles in their daily work with students to advance our mission by:

  • Establishing a culture of respect for self and others.
  • Promoting an inclusive community.
  • Structuring experiences based on a formative model of education that integrate students’ intellectual, spiritual, and the social realms.
  • Providing comprehensive support services to improve students’ readiness to learn.
  • Encouraging broad student engagement by intentionally involving all students in programs, services, and activities within the division.
  • Advancing the Jesuit, Catholic mission of the University.
  • Striving for personal and departmental excellence.
  • Acting with the utmost integrity in working with self and others.