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Services Not Covered

university health services

The Campus Health Fee does not cover hospitalizations, diagnostic testing, hospital visits or outside consultations. Thus, adequate health insurance is absolutely necessary in order to avoid paying out-of-pocket hospital charges which may exceed $1,000 a day in the Boston area. Emergency room visits, for example, can easily cost $300.

Laboratory Tests and X-Rays

Most tests and all x-rays are performed by an outside laboratory or local hospital. Charges for tests and x-rays are not covered by the Health Fee, and payment is the responsibility of the individual student.

Outside Referrals

From time to time, referrals are made to outside physicians and dentists for consultation and treatment of special problems. These outside referrals are not included in the Campus Health Fee and payment is the responsibility of the patient. We urge you to refer to your individual health insurance policy for referral requirements.