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Eligibility, Fees & Services

university health services

How to Join Health Services

All students who pay the Campus Health Fee are eligible to be seen in the Health Services Primary Care Center. This fee is required of all undergraduate resident students and is automatically charged to all students living on campus as well as students living off campus.  Off campus students may waive the Campus Health Fee by downloading the waiver and forwarding the signed form to Health Services. Signed waiver forms must be submitted to Health Services prior September 30th.


What Your Campus Health Fee Covers

Your Campus Health Fee pays for primary and specialty medical care on campus provided at the Boston College Health Services. (Please remember: it is not a health insurance policy.) Our services include the following:



The Primary Care Center provides both outpatient and inpatient services.  The Center is located on the ground level of 2150 Commonwealth Ave, Brighton, MA. The main entrance to Health Services is on St. Thomas More Road. Our professional staff consists of primary care physicians, nurse practitioners, registered nurses and on-site specialty consultants.

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Outpatient Unit

Primary medical care is provided at the Outpatient Unit by a staff of doctors, nurse practitioners and nurses. The Center operates on an appointment basis  and if you call 617-552-3225 prior to 10 am same day appointments are often available.  On weekday evenings, and on Saturdays, Sundays and certain holidays, care is provided by the nurse on duty at the Inpatient Unit . See Location and Hours for more specific information.

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Inpatient Unit

Our comfortable, 10 bed facility provides 24 hour care to students as needed. A doctor is on call 24 hours a day and makes daily rounds to see all patients. He or she makes arrangements for hospitalization when necessary, and follows patients who have been hospitalized. Inpatient services, including room, meals, most medications, doctor visits and nursing care, are covered by the Campus Health Fee with the exception of the Safety Observation Fee. Patients who are well enough may sometimes be given permission to leave during the day to attend classes.

Safety Observation Fee

Students who are transported to the Primary Care Center by BCPD and are admitted for observation due to alcohol consumption are charged the Safety Observation Fee of $125 to their student account.  If a student seeks assistance for alcohol consumption on their own or accompanied by friends the Safety Observation Fee is not applied.

See Location and Hours for more specific information.

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Specialty Services


Diet and Nutrition Services

For nutrition counseling, education and treatment related to good health habits, diets and eating disorders. See Hours for Specialty Services.(by appointment)

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Women's Health Services

Many routine gynecology services are provided by the primary care physicians and nurse practitioners. In addition, Women's Health services are available 5 days per week. Counseling and clinical sessions staffed by specialists are scheduled through appointments. All sessions are confidential. Appointments for Women's Health can be made by calling 617-552-3225.  For more information on Women's Health visit our Health Education Website.

Pregnancy Testing and Services

Pregnancy testing is available at the Primary Care Center. When tests are positive, University Health Services will assist the student, on request, with non-judgmental counseling. All test results and counseling are confidential. For more information on Boston College's Pregnancy Services visit our Health Education Website.

Birth Control and Abortion

Because of the moral values that Boston College espouses, University Health Services, by policy, does not provide materials for the purpose of preventing conception or counsel that would encourage abortion.

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Sexually Transmitted Infections

Routine diagnostic screening and treatment are provided for men and women in a confidential and non-judgmental manner. For information on sexually transmitted infections visit our Health Education Website.

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Educational consultation and confidential counseling and testing as well as outside referral for anonymous testing are available through the Cushing Outpatient Unit. For more information on HIV visit our Health Education Website.

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Immunizations/Travel Consultation

For compliance with State Law, Institutional Policies and Travel. As it takes time to develop immunity, students planning trips overseas should request health advice and begin recommended immunizations several months before departure.

Vaccines available at Health Services include Flu, Hepatitis A, Hepatitis B, HPV, Meningitis, Measles, Mumps, Rubella, Polio, TD, Tdap, Typhoid, Varicella and Tuberculosis testing. The cost of vaccines vary depending on the type and are applied directly to the student account.

Students should check with their health insurance company to determine the preferred method of receiving the vaccine based on their individual coverage.  It may be best to get vaccinated at your primary care provider's office or local pharmacy that charges directly to participating insurance companies. UHS will provide a receipt to submit to the insurance company but we are considered out of network for all insurance plans. Students who purchase the Blue Cross insurance plan through Boston College are reimbursed 80% for all charges related to services provided by UHS. 

For questions regarding cost or to schedule an appointment please call 617-552-3225.

See Hours for Specialty Services.

See Immunization Requirements.

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Orthopedic Services

For orthopedic diagnosis and treatment. See Hours for Specialty Services.(by referral only)

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Skin Services

For diagnosis and treatment of warts and related skin conditions. See Hours for Specialty Services. (by appointment)

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