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university fellowships committee

The mission of the Boston College University Fellowships Committee is to encourage and assist Boston College undergraduates in competing for the most notable of undergraduate and graduate fellowships and scholarships—the Rhodes, Fulbright, Marshall, Churchill, Truman, and many others. These prestigious fellowships are not only rewarding in themselves, they can open up opportunities and grant a distinction that could transform your life.

Naturally the most prestigious fellowships are the most desirable—and the most competitive. But they are well within the reach of BC students who have strong academic records. In recent years BC students have competed successfully for a whole array of these fellowships including the Marshall, Mellon, NSF, and Fulbright Scholarships. Indeed, occasionally during the past several years BC students have won more Fulbright Scholarships—to spend a year pursuing their own projects in such places as Japan, France, Germany, Belgium, Poland, and Bulgaria—than students at Harvard, Duke, Stanford, or Brown. Other BC undergraduates have won Goldwater, Truman, and NSEP Scholarships to help fund study abroad and completion of their educations at BC.

Earning one of these fellowships requires planning and preparation. That's where you need the advice and assistance of the University Fellowships Committee. Even if you are now a freshman, it is not too early to seek guidance. And if you are a sophomore, junior, or senior, there are fellowships you can apply for this year.

Whether you are looking to apply for undergraduate scholarships, post-graduate scholarships, study abroad fellowships or any similar programs, this is the place to start!

Dr. Jason Cavallari
Interim Director

Dr. Cavallari