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Advanced Study Grant Recipients 2007

university fellowships committee

Recipient Project Proposal Faculty Advisor
Nicholas Ackerman The Psychological Origin and Purpose of Comedy:
To support summer workshop participation with The Second City in Chicago.
Ellen Winner
Katherine Apple Feminist Activism in Post-War Berlin:
To support summer course work and language proficiency at the Freie Universit├Ąt in Berlin.
Rachel Freudenburg
German Studies
Alexander Batchilo A More Perfect Union: The American and British Experience with Integration:
To support research and interviews in London on British elite opinion toward the European Union.
Kenji Hayao
Political Science
Meghan Battle Personal and Community Development Initiative in Victoria Yoro, Honduras:
To support research and design of a program for youth leaders on techniques of community development.
Jacqueline Lerner
Counseling, Lynch School
Caroline Beimford Free Trade in the Dominican Republic: Inspiring or Stifling?
To support research, language proficiency, and volunteer service in Santo Domingo.
Christopher Constas
A&S Honors
Kevin Benson The Political Science of U.S. Naval Strategy:
To support research and interviews at the U.S. Naval War College.
Hiroshi Nakazato
International Studies
Adam Berkland Bowling Together: Building Social Capital Through Participation in Voluntary Associations:
To support participant observation research on civil society in local religious, recreational, and political organizations.
Jennie Purnell
Political Science
Michael Betten Tech in Bulgaria:
To support language study and research into the prevalence and use of technology in Bulgaria.
Mariela Dakova
Slavic & Eastern Languages
Rebecca Bills Ivanhoe and the Guttural "Ch":
To support linguistics research in Scotland into the linkages of Scottish Gaelic and German.
Michael Connolly
Slavic & Eastern Languages
Michael Camacho Lingua Bibliae Vulgatae:
To support Latin language acquisition and reading skills and research into its significance for early Christian and medieval thought.
Arthur Madigan, S.J.
Kristina Conroy Summer in Siberia: Cultural Immersion:
To support language study, cultural immersion, and community service in Novosibirsk.
Elena Lapitsky
Slavic & Eastern Languages
Lauren Fadely "Min Yenki": Quality of Life Conversations with Women in Sierra Leone:
To support research on post-operative well-being of women treated by a VVF repair clinic in Freetown.
Margaret Laccetti
John Hynes Germany and Eastern Europe: Analysis of Current Socioeconomic Conditions:
To support language proficiency and research into the transition of East European states from socialism to capitalism.
Michael Resler
German Studies
Tyson Jang Existentialism and Post WWII Art in Paris:
To support exploration of a junction between philosophy and art, and the production of paintings for exhibit at Boston College.
Mary Armstrong
Fine Arts
Scott Jelinek Studying the Impact of Microfinance on the Infection Rate of HIV/AIDS in Uganda:
To support field research in Uganda on the effect of micro-finance upon the empowerment of women and infection rates.
Neil Wolfman
Andrew Johnson Microfinance and Sustainable Development in Bolivia:
To support research into micro-finance as an aid to the economic status of Bolivian women.
Amy LaCombe
Carroll School of Management
Innessa Kipnis Medical Challenges in Russia:
To support advanced language study and medical service work in St. Petersburg.
Cynthia Simmons
Slavic & Eastern Languages
Robert Kubala German Language Study and Translation (Gustav Fritsch):
To support advanced language study in Germany, through translation of Fritsch's scientific work on electric fish.
Mark O'Connor
A&S Honors
Brittany Lewis The Dominion of Islamic Spain: An Archetype for Modern Globalizations:
To support advanced language study and interview research on the contemporary role of Muslims and Jews in modern Spain.
Robin Fleming
Corinne Madigan Rwanda's Vision 2020:
To support research into the national program for economic recovery in a post-genocide country.
Paul Christensen
Political Science
Christopher Maroshegyi The Missing Component of Economic Development:
To support research on Hungary's political bureaucracy and its role in post-communist economic development.
Jonathan Laurence
Political Science
Anne Matsko Against the Odds: Indigenous Identity in a Globalized Society:
To support research on the effects of NAFTA economics on a Yaqui community in Sonora, Mexico.
Jennie Purnell
Political Science
Matthew McDonnell Political Ideology and Party Affiliation:
To develop polling and interview-survey skills through research into factors shaping the political affiliation of American Catholic voters.
Kenji Hayao
Political Science
Timothy Mooney A Good Bet? Casino Proliferation in the Great Lakes Region:
To support interview research into interest-group politics regarding regulation of casino gambling.
Anne Davenport
A&S Honors
Timothy Moriarty A Summer of Intensive Latin:
To support language acquisition in preparation for graduate study.
Paul McNellis, S.J.
Elizabeth Mumford Observing the Fight Against the Sex-Trade:
To support interview research with a rehabilitation organization in Phnom Penh, Cambodia.
Hiroshi Nakazato
International Studies
Joseph Neese Post-Civil War America and Pre-revolutionary Mexico:
To support research into the links through the sisal trade between the United States and the Yucatan in the late-19th century.
Andrea DeFusco
A&S Assistant Dean
Cullen Nutt Interviewing Counterinsurgency Experts:
To support interview research into the drafting of the U.S. Army's field manual on counter-insurgency.
Donald Hafner
Political Science
John Offer Contextualizing the New Commemorative Culture of Japan:
To support language proficiency through research into the cultural context of public monuments and memorials in Japan.
Kenji Hayao
Political Science
Gino Orlandi Comparative Literature in Translation:
To support intensive language study of Latin in Parma, Italy.
Suzanne Matson
Patrick Passarelli Silent Killers:
To support acquisition of laboratory techniques in research on tropical viruses at the Uganda Virus Research Institute.
Joseph Breines
Romance Languages
Maria Teresa Perez Beginnings of a Contribution to Dominican Health Care:
To support medical training and a hospital internship in Santo Domingo.
Catherine Read
Nicole Picone Face to Face:
To support research into the lives of orphan girls in the Sabina children's home in Kampala, Uganda.
Michael Malec
Emily Plane International Cooperation between Non-profit Organizations:
To support research into the challenges of collaboration among humanitarian organizations.
John Cawthorne
Associate Dean, Lynch School
Sarah Popper Implications of University Entrance Procedures
To support comparative research into the differing entrance requirements and practices of Chilean and American universities.
Michael Martin
A&S Honors
Alexander Prounis Building a Bridge between East and West:
To support intensive language training in Istanbul and research into Turkey's social and economic integration with Europe.
Michael Resler
German Studies
Dorothy E. Rimmelin Promoting Girls' Education in Senegal:
To support research into the effects of and the barriers to education of girls in rural Senegal.
Donald Hafner
Political Science
Kirsten Rood Living the Language:
To support intensive Arabic language study and cultural immersion in Yemen.
Kathy Bailey
Political Science
Kathleen Sellers South Asian Summer Language Institute:
To support intensive language study in Hindi in Varanasi, India.
Paul Gray
Christopher Trueax Intensive Elementary Greek:
To support language study and translation in Ancient Greek.
Gary Gurtler, S.J.
Svetlana Turova Qu'est-ce qu'on mange?
To support advanced study of French language, art history, and culinary culture in Quebec.
Michael Connolly
Slavic & Eastern Languages
Sarah Williams Black Performers and the Arts in London:
To support research into the lives and performances of African-American performers in Great Britain during the 1920's and 1930's.
John Houchin
Malak Yusuf Cultural Analysis of Afghan Refugees in Pakistan:
To support a study of the social progress and cultural redevelopment of Afghan female refugees relocated to Pakistan.
Michael Malec