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Advanced Study Grant Recipients 2006

university fellowships committee

Project Proposal
Faculty Adviser
Maryclaire Abowd The National Book Program in Egypt
To support language fluency and research on educational out-reach programs in Cairo.
Kelly Brotzman
Jeffrey Aser Patriot Guard Riders: The Power of Grassroots Movements
To support interview research on the origins of a grassroots organization.
Jennie Purnell
Political Science
Paul Astuto Following my Heart to Heidelberg
To support intensive German language study at Heidelberg University.
Devin Pendas
Natalia Bauer The Anglo-American Pompeii Project: A Hands-on Approach to Classics
To support participation in an archeological dig in Italy.
Charles Ahern
Paul Casinelli The Politics of Fear: A Comparison of McCarthyism and Post-9/11 American Politics
To support archival research at the Library of Congress.
Jennie Purnell
Political Science
Kevin Conroy Across the Irish Sea to Wales
To support intensive language study of Welsh and its literature.
Michael J. Connelly
Slavic and Eastern Languages
Lindsay Daum Dali, Lacan, and Freud
To support archival and museum research into interpretations of paranoia and its implications for the Surrealist movement and psychoanalysis.
Vanessa Rumble
Michael Dichio An Approach to Federalism: President John F. Kennedy's New Frontier Policy
To support an archival internship and research at the Kennedy Presidential Library.
Marc Landy
Political Science
Samuel Dolinger Excavating in French at Argilos
To support participation in a French-Canadian archeological dig in Greece.
Gail Hoffman 
Colin Doyle Priaten Weekend Businessmen: American Influence in Bulgaria
To support intensive language study and documentary filming in Bulgaria.
Pamela Berger
Fine Arts
Matthew Erickson The Role of Germany in Modern Europe
To support intensive language study and courses on German history.
Paul Breines
Melanie Firth The Life and Culture of the Delegates of the Second Continental Congress
To support archival research into the Philadelphia of 1775.
Pr Lynn Lyerly
Dillon Gardner Fusion and Plasma
To support research into fusion as a renewable energy source, at the Culham Science Center, Oxford.
Paul Haines
Matthew Hamilton The Voices of Migrant Workers
To support language study through serving and filming the migrant worker community of Wachapreague, Virginia.
Sheila McIntosh
Romance Languages
Michelle Hubele A Pilgrim's Way
To support interview research with pilgrims walking to Santiago de Compostela, Spain.
Catherine Cornille
Karen Kaufmann National Guilt or Communal Reconciliation? Remembering the Holocaust through Germany's Eyes
To support museum and archival research in Berlin.
Elizabeth Chadwick
A&S Honors Program
Nathan Keegan The Icelandic Sagas
To support research into the influence of Icelandic sagas on Western literature.
Sheila McIntosh
Romance Languages
Robert Kubala Nam af islensku: Linguistics and Culture in Iceland
To support intensive language and linguistics study at the Nordal Institute in Reykjavik.
Arthur Madigan
Jaclyne La Verghetta The Politics of Catholicism
To support interview research into how Catholic legislators view their public roles. [Grant declined]
Jennie Purnell
Political Science
Corrine Madigan Volunteering with The Nyumbani Organization in Kenya
To support interview research and documentary filming at a Jesuit orphanage.
Jennie Purnell
Political Science
Anne Matsko Converging Perspectives: Agri-Business, Culture, and Identity in Mexico
To support interview research into the challenges facing small farmers in Mexico.
Jennie Purnell
Political Science
Ronald Mendoza-DeJesus The Names-of-the-Father: Lacanian Psychoanalysis and Politics
To support library research on original texts in Buenos Aires.
Vanessa Rumble
Jeffrey Nagengast Language and Identity in Bulgaria and Macedonia
To support comparative study of two Balkan languages.
Mariela Dakova
Slavic & Eastern Languages
M. Emily Neumeier The Treasures and Tribulations of Islam in London
To support an internship with the Islamic art department of the British Museum.
Sheila Blair
Fine Arts
Maureen O'Dea A Remembered Past: How the People of Scranton Remember the Coal Mining Industry
To support archival and interview research into the history of a Pennsylvania mining town.
Lynn Lyerly
Alexandra O'Donahue AIDS in Mozambique: Voicing the Suppressed Lives of Women and Children
To support language study, service, and interview research in the Boane District.
David McMenamin
Director, PULSE Program
Caitlin Peterson The Vital Juncture: The intersection of Sexuality and Race
To support intensive language study and research on the factors of race and gender in healthcare in Brazil.
Zachary Morgan
Dimitri Phillips Connecting Wires: A Multifaceted Study of Logical Operators
To support intensive study of analog and digital circuit design for logical operators.
Michael J. Connelly
Slavic & Eastern Languages
Kayleigh Pleas The Influence of Team Sports on Young Girls' Self-Esteem
To support research on differences in self-esteem and self-concept of young girls who participate in team sports vs. individual sports.
Susan Michalczyk
A&S Honors Program
Matthew Porter The Theatre of Politics: A Documentary
To support a documentary film on the organization of a protest demonstration in Washington, DC.
Jennie Purnell
Political Science
Kathleen Sellers Education in Rwanda: Pre- and Post-Genocide Paul Gray
Margaret Sullivan The Influence of Russian Language on Life and Development in Kyrgyzstan
To support intensive study of language and culture in Bishkek.
Cynthia Simmons
Slavic & Eastern Languages
Jennifer Taylor Culturally Effective Health Education in Liberia
To support service and research into healthcare practices in Monrovia.
Prof. Catherine Read
School of Nursing
Kyle Trainor “Streets with Voices”
To support a documentary film on Boston’s North End.
John Michalczyk
Fine Arts