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Advanced Study Grant Recipients 2005

university fellowships committee

Project Proposal
Faculty Adviser
Eric Alcala Teaching English as a Second Language in Mexico
Improving language fluency by serving as an English language instructor for Spanish-speakers in Guadalajara.
Vanessa Ruiz Romance Languages
Alexandra Angrand Cross-Cultural Solutions Volunteer in Brazil
A summer of community health-care practice and Portuguese language study in Salvador, Brazil.
Virginia Reinberg
Paul Camacho What has Athens to do with Jerusalem?
Intensive language study of ancient Greek to support study of the role of Greek in the early interaction of Christianity and philosophy.
Meredith Monaghan
Nathaniel Campbell Verba Mediorum Aevorum: Words of the Middle Ages
Intensive study of Latin language, literature, and palaeography.
David Gill, S.J.
Lauren Casadona A Vision of Hope
Developing Spanish language fluency and studying the curriculum of an orphanage school in Quito, Ecuador.
Brinton Lykes
Lynch School of Education
Kevin Conroy Irish Language Study in the Conamara Gaeltacht
Intensive Gaelic language study at the National University of Ireland, Galway.

Michael Connolly
Slavic & Eastern Languages
Thamarah Crevecoeur Haitian Cultural Traditions in the Child-Bearing Period
Researching cultural attributes of the pre-natal, delivery, and post-partum phases of child-bearing in Les Cayes, Haiti.
Holly Harner
Connell School of Nursing
Lauren Escher A Test of the Federalist System
Research into the differences between national immigration policy and state and local policies and practices toward immigrants.
Kenji Hayao
Political Science
Kelly Fitzgerald Medical Spanish, Health Care Analysis, and Hospital Service
Intensive technical Spanish language study and clinical service in Costa Rica. [Grant declined.]
Danielle Taghian
Erin Galgay The Ethical Implications of Stem Cell Research
Research and participation in an international seminar in Germany on the scientific and ethical issues of stem cell research.
Stephen Pope
Taryn Gervais Improving Fluency through Service and Cultural Immersion in the Dominican Republic
Developing medical skills and Spanish language fluency through hospital service in San Jose de las Matas, Dominican Republic.
Eric Strauss
Jessica Hallman The Effects of English Linguistics on the Bulgarian Language
Research into the absorption of the English lexicon and grammar into the Bulgarian language.
Mariela Dakova
Slavic & Eastern Languages
Peter Heinlein German Language and Cultural Immersion
Intensive German language study to support research into the economic ramifications of German unification.
Mark O'Connor
A&S Honors Program
Katie Jarvis The March of Women in Paris, October 1789
Research into eye-witness, participant, and parliamentary accounts of a key event leading up to the French Revolution.
Paul Spagnoli
Charles Joseph Excavating Hazor: Understanding the Old Testament
Participation in an archeological excavation of ancient Hazor north of the Sea of Galilee.
David Vanderhooft
Jeanette Marrone Separation of Church and State in the United States and France
Field research into differences in how members of different faith traditions understand the relationship of church and state in the United States and France.
Alice Behnegar
Political Science
Elaina Matook Medical Ethics: Eastern Orthodoxy Meets Rome
Research into the ethical reasoning on contemporary medical controversies from the Catholic and Eastern Orthodox perspectives.
Mark O'Connor
A&S Honors Program
M. Emily Neumeier Cultural Change at the Roman Frontier
Participation in an archeological excavation of the Roman forum of ancient Tiermes, in Soria, Spain.
Gail Hoffman
Fine Arts
Maria Newcomb The Impact of International Immersion Trips
Field research into the effects of immersion trips by American college students in Guatemala, from the perspective of the local communities.
Jennie Purnell
Political Science
Richard Paul Songs of Praise and Invocation
Field research in Benin, West Africa, into the Yoruba/Nago origins of Orisa religious chants of Trinidad.
Karen Miller
Allison Ramirez The Reality of Migrant Workers in Michigan
Field research into the effect of governmental and non-profit institutions on the lives of migrant workers in Saginaw, Michigan.
Jennie Purnell
Political Science
Amber Smith Parameter Setting and Determiner Phase: Sharpening Analytic Skills in Linguistics
Participation in scholarly seminars by the Linguistics Society of America.
Michael Connolly
Slavic & Eastern Languages
Margaret Sullivan History Through the Lens
Intensive Czech language study and research into the post-1968 Soviet occupation of Czechoslovakia, viewed through Czech film.
Alice Behnegar
Political Science
Kathleen Wakeham South African Public Health Care and the HIV/AIDS Crisis
Research and service experience in a public health care system confronting crisis.
Clare O'Connor
Reeves Wiedeman Negro League Baseball and Its Effect on Urban Development in 20th Century Kansas City
Research into the influence of a professional sports organization on urban development in a Midwestern city.
Davarian Baldwin
Lauren Zaccone German Immigration to the United States after WW 1
Archival research at Ellis Island into patterns of German immigration to the United States following WW I.
Lynn Lyerly
Kathryn Zioto Medical Spanish, Urban Clinical Experience, and Rural Public Health Assistance
Gaining technical and colloquial Spanish fluency through clinical service in Porlamar, Venezuela.
Neil Wolfman