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Advanced Study Grant Recipients 2004

university fellowships committee

Project Proposal
Faculty Adviser
Elizabeth Quinn Callahan Geometry in Four Dimension
A many-faceted study of four dimensions, culminating in two main products: the solution to a problem about n-sphere linkages in four dimensions and the model of a hyperdodecahedron.
Mark Reeder
Cañon Cody The (R)evolution of Hip-Hop in Cuba
A study of the expression of political and social dissent in youth hip-hop culture with application to research in psychoanalysis.
Frances Restuccia
Sarah Dawson Summer Spanish Language and Culture Program in Madrid
Improve Spanish proficiency and research cross cultural connections between Spain, Africa and Latin America.
Catherine Lange
Romance Languages
Laura A. Donovan Sustainable Development in Costa Rica
Explore globalization's impact on Costa Rica's environment and various steps being taken to prevent further destruction of wildlife.
Jennie Purnell
Political Science
Timothy Henderson Language and Culture Immersion in Tokyo
Intensive language study to develop proficiency in the two basic Japanese writing systems, hiragana and katakana, along with working knowledge of kanji.
Paul McNellis, S.J.
Simone Kearney Poets in Place
Interviewing leading poets of Ireland for later publication.
John Mahoney
Lora J. Krsulich An Exploration in Public Policy: Reviewing Immigration Reform from a Local Level
Researching the history of immigration law and evaluating its efficiency and credibility regarding the Chicano population of Northern California.
Jennie Purnell
Political Science
Christopher Lee Leaving Main Street: Urban Development in Post-World War II Kansas City
Research and document the sweeping changes in Kansas City through interviews with leading and ordinary citizens.
Marilynn Johnson
Stephanie Locatelli The Challenge of Building a European Identity: EU Expansion and Central and Eastern Europe Donald L. Hafner
Political Science
Elyse Mallouk Narrative in Classic and Contemporary Art: An Academic and Studio Study Andrew Tavarelli
Fine Arts
Ksenia Mankowska Budding Political Scientist Gains Roots in Russia
An intensive language and literature program to increase Russian fluency and do research on Russian national identity.
Donald Hafner
Political Science
William Markis Neuronal Differentiation of Human Embryonic Cells
Cell culture experiments to further explore the development of undifferentiated cells into dopamine neurons.
Thomas Chiles
Elayne McCabe Exploring the History of Maritime Trade - Salem Massachusetts, and Japan Franziska Seraphim
Amy Molden The Euro and Microenterprise in Spain
Research to compare trends in investment, sales, etc for the pre- and post-Euro periods and advance proficiency in Spanish.
Robert Murphy
David Nagib Entering the World of Organic Chemistry
Exploring the electronic effects of substituent groups on glycerol and participating in international research.
Scott Miller
Vineet Naik Broadening Lingual and Cultural Horizons
Studying Spanish and doing community service.
Paul Haines
Jonah Patel Caribbean Folk-Medicine
Working at a modern hospital serving lower income people, study folk-medicine and improve proficiency in Spanish
Elizabeth Rhodes
Romance Languages
Michael Petit Six weeks at the U.S. Mission to NATO
Interning for six weeks at NATO headquarters in Brussels; researching the ability of military organizations to adapt to the changing European environment.
James Fleming, S.J.
Gabriel Pleasants AIDS in Ghana
Study the benefits of a support community on the treatment of HIV/AIDS patients.
Christopher Constas
A&S Honors Program
Shannon Reece Promotion of the Export Industry and Study of Gender Roles in Ecuador
Internship at MICIP, a government agency whose mission is to improve the climate for the productive sector in Ecuador.
Robert Murphy
Jaime Waters Intensive Intermediate French: Paris, France
Improve language proficiency through intensive classes and cultural activities.
Kerry Cronin
Suzanne Yusunas Uncovering…Pompeii: Connecting the Classical World to the Present through Excavation
Training in various archaeological specialties.
Charles Ahern