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Advanced Study Grant Recipients 2003

university fellowships committee

Project Proposal
Faculty Adviser
Natalie Blazer Among Builders for Peace
To support language study, the study of conflict resolution, and community service in Bosnia.
Angela Kachuyevski
Political Science
Lan Chen A Summer of Chinese Literature
To support study of Chinese language and literature at Hua Zhong University, China.
(declined due to SARS epidemic)
James Najarian
CaƱon Cody "There are No Prohibited Books"
To support language study and research on the network of independent libraries in Cuba.
Frances Restuccia
Lana DeAngelis Small Hands, Heavy Burdens
To support language study, community service, and a study of orphaned children in the Dominican Republic.
James Boettcher
Colin Donohoe High Tech in Old Munich
To support language study and a summer scientific research internship in Germany.
Michael Resler
Germanic Studies
Suzanne Dupre Sacred Song in the Modern Millennium
To support research on the evolution of liturgical music since Vatican II.
Michael Burgo
Kristen Faucetta Learning to Serve, Bulgarian Style
To support Bulgarian language study and community service in Sofia.
Mariela Dakova
Slavic Languages
Tara Foley Journey to Morocco
To support Arabic language study and cultural studies at Al-Akhawayn University.
Elizabeth Chadwick
A&S Honors Program
Meg Feist A Comparative Study of Catholic and Islamic Spirituality and Sexual Ethics
To support the study of Catholic ethics at the Gregorian University in Rome and summer research on Islamic ethics.
Stephen Pope
Scott Gentile The Philosophical Grounding of Mathematics
To support research on the foundations, historical development, and contemporary status of Logicism.
Ronald Anderson, S.J.
Danielle Granville The Belfast Perspective
To support summer study and research on conflict resolution in Northern Ireland.
Donald Hafner
Political Science
Timothy Henderson Language and Culture of Japan
To support language study and an internship with the Japanese-American Museum in Los Angeles. (declined)
Paul McNellis, S.J.
Benjamin Janse A Summer of Discovery and Conservation
To support an internship and field research on animal behavior in the National Parks of Alaska.
David Krauss
Kathryn Jefferis To support a summer internship with the U.S. Marine Corps Intelligence Agency in Quantico, Virginia. Jennie Purnell
Political Science
Katharine Kreinbring Through the Eyes of the Transcendentalists
To support a photographic study of the literary landscape of Concord, Massachusetts.
Mark O'Connor
A&S Honors Program
Timothy McGrath Wang Arts and Websites
To support a study of online fiction writing and co-teaching of a fiction workshop for high school students at the Wang Center, Boston.
Carlo Rotella
Angela Mack

Catholic Ethics and Bio-Ethics
To support three weeks of study at the Gregorian University in Rome and two weeks of study in Ludwigshafen, Germany.

Stephen Pope
Lauren Mounsey Intensive Finnish in Jyvaskyla
To support language study in Finland, as a foundation for the study of linguistics.
Margaret Thomas
Slavic Languages
Shannon Reece The Study of Global Inequality from a Non-traditional Perspective
To support language study and community service in Costa Rica.
Laurie Shepard
Romance Languages
Darcy Roberts The Study of Science and the Teaching of Science
To support an internship at the Museum of Science on the principles and practice of science instruction for elementary-school students.
John Cawthorne
Lynch School of Education
Regina Scott Middle-Earth Linguistics
To support a study of J.R.R. Tolkien's Elvish as examples of inventive linguistics.
Michael Raiger
Emily Stanger Experiencing Ecuador's Developing Economy
To support research into microfinance support of women's business enterprises in Ecuador.
Robert Murphy
Clara Velasquez The Catholic Church in Twentieth Century Colombia
To support research into the changing role of the Church in Colombia and residence in a religious community.
Elizabeth Rhodes
Romance Languages
Gregory Wiles Rubinomics and the Current Political Debate
To support research into the correlation, asserted by former Secretary of the Treasury Robert Rubin, between government deficit spending and long-term interest rates.
Richard Tresch