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Advanced Study Grant Recipients 2002

university fellowships committee

Project Proposal
Faculty Adviser
Courtney Anderson Fyodor Dostoyevsky and The Feminine
To support research and analysis of feminine themes in Dostoyevsky, with insights from Suslova and Kristeva.
Thomas Epstein
A&S Honors Program
Peter Bowley Portuguese in Brazil
To support Portuguese language acquisition and an unpaid internship with an international bank in Brazil.
Susan Michalczyk
A&S Honors Program
Jordan Brooks The EMU and Fiscal Coordination in The European Union
To support research and analysis of the effects of the Euro on fiscal policy convergence among EU member states.
Robert Murphy
Patrick Carey German for Mathematics and Philosophy
To support advanced German language acquisition at the Goethe Institut in Freiburg, Germany.
Ursula Mangoubi
Germanic Studies
Timothy Carraher The Instruments of the Scientific Revolution
To support museum and library research into the scientific instruments that advanced the scientific revolution in the 18th Century.
Virginia Reinburg
Emily Dendinger Intensive Master Playwriting Class at the Kennedy Center
To support participation in a playwriters' workshop.
Scott Cummings
Nathaniel Donahue Walking in His Footsteps: The Evolution of Raphael
To support research into Raphael's artistic development in the cities where he lived and studied.
Nancy Netzer
Fine Arts
Frances Gardella Contemporary Christian Ethics
To support advanced research for a senior thesis linking Biblical Studies and Christian Ethics.
Stephen Pope
Lauren Goslin The Silent Protests of Chilean Women Writers
To support library research and analysis of the forms of political protest by women novelists in Pinochet's Chile.
Silvana Palermo
Meghan Hammond The Literature of Exhaustion: Metafictional Structures in English and the Romance Languages
To support Italian language acquisition and research in comparative literature focused on the works of Nabokov, Borges, Rios, and Calvino.
Kevin Ohi
Erin Helfrich Community for Kierkegaard
To support research at the Hong Kierkegaard Library into the writings of the Danish philosopher of religion, Soren Kierkegaard.
Vanessa Rumble
Rebecca Herhold The Translation of Self: Language Study in Guatemala
To support acquisition of Spanish fluency and a community service internship with a women's center in Quetzaltenago, Guatemala.
Mark O'Connor
A&S Honors Program
Maureen Josephsen The Ethics of Genetic Medicine
To support a research internship in medical genetics at the National Catholic Bioethics Center.
Clare O'Connor
Kirstin Kramer A Philosophy of English
To support historical research into the establishment of an English curriculum at Boston College in the 19th Century.
Dayton Haskins
Karen Martell Modern and Traditional Society in Peru
To support the study of Spanish language and Latin American culture in Lima, Peru.
Laurie Shepard
Romance Languages
Pasha Mirazimi A Summer with Feynman
To support intensive study of The Feynman Lectures on advanced electromagnetic theory, ordinary differential equations, and quantum mechanics.
Udayan Mohanty
Tristan Nelson Dynamic Interaction: The Western Cultural Tradition in the Java Programming Language
To support software development of a program to present text, audio, and images in a scripted, time-sensitive manner.
James Gips
Computer Sciences
Maureen Olsen Ethics: The Sacred Core of the Church
To support advanced study of Christian Ethics at the Gregorian University in Rome.
Jeffrey Geoghegan
Bryce Pinkham Sementes da Manha: A Study of Underprivileged Youth in Brazil
To support Portuguese language acquisition and a community-service summer at a Jesuit mission in Salvador, Brazil.
Daniella Padula
Romance Languages
Melissa Ricci Investigation into the Light-Induced Deactivation Mechanism of Grubbs Catalyst
To support laboratory research into the mechanism by which the Grubbs catalyst, used in organic chemistry, is inactivated by light.
Scott Miller
Lea Rosemurgy Aiding Economic Development in South Africa
To support an internship with a non-profit, business-development organization in Klerksdorp, South Africa.
Gil Manzon
Accounting, CSOM
Gilberto Ruiz A Summer of Koine Greek
To support advanced language acquisition in New Testament Greek.
Pheme Perkins
Daniel SaƱez On Original Instruments: Sion Summer Organ Academy
To support intensive music instruction on 13th-20th century organs in Switzerland.
T. Frank Kennedy, S.J.
Michael Scahill Finding the Pattern in the Universe of Disulfide Bonding
To support laboratory research into the bonds formed between sulfur atoms of two cysteine residues involved in protein folding.
Marc Muskavitch
Kelly Smith Contemporary Catholic Ethics: A Learning and Teaching Exercise
To support advanced study of contemporary issues in Catholic ethics.
David Vanderhooft
Farah Wong Learning Spanish to Learn from Others
To support Spanish language acquisition and community service, teaching adult ESL courses in Allston-Brighton.
William Gregory