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Advanced Study Grant Recipients 2000

university fellowships committee

Project Proposal
Faculty Adviser

Andrea Achimovic

Croatian Language and Culture
To support intensive language study in Croatian at Zagreb University. [grant declined]

Cynthia Simmons
Slavic Languages

Kelly Arenson

Deutsch für Philosophie
To support intensive language study in German at the Goethe Institut in Freiburg.

Rachel Freudenburg
Germanic Studies

Denise Bracken

M.G. Brumbaugh: Reading and Writing John Donne
To support archive research on Brumbaugh at the University of Pennsylvania.

Dayton Haskins

Jamal Burke

Screen-Writing and Acting
To support classes and tutoring in screen-writing and acting skills.

Heather Nathans

Melissa Carubia

Research and education in the Study of Waves and Vibrations
To support research and special instruction of high school students at BC.

Kevin Bedell

Nicole Cotroneo

Self-Conceptualization: The Self in Autobiographical Literature
To support coursework and research on autobiographical writing.

Rosemarie Bodenheimer

Kim Dang

Mastering Ancient Greek
To support intensive language study in Ancient Greek at Harvard University.

Christopher McDonough

Scott Patrick Glaid

The Québécois Experience: French-Canadian Linguistic and Cultural Immersion
To support summer language study in Université Laval, Quebec City.

Jeff Flagg
Romance Languages

M. Lance Jasper

The Confirmation Bias and Modern Psychology
To support research on the role of the confirmation bias error in Psychology research.

Peter Gray

Eric A. Johnson

The Technology of Philosophy
To support coursework and research on the implications for Philosophy of the spread of computer technology in modern society.

Susan Mattis
A&S Honors Program

Jonathan Kaczorowski

An Assistant to a Scene Designer
To support an internship as Design Assistant with the Connecticut Repertory Theater.

Crystal Tiala

Tak-Lun Koo

Algebra and Number Theory
To support summer study in advanced fields of Mathematics at Boston College.

William Keane

Thomas Majdanski

Polska! Ojczyzno moja!
To support intensive language study of Polish at the Jagiellonian University in Krakow.

Mark O'Connor
A&S Honors Program

Allison O'Neill

Medica! Enseñese!
To support intensive language study in Spanish. [Grant declined]

Mary Jo Hughes
A&S Honors Program

Brendan O'Shea

The Legacy of Thomas P. 'Tip' O'Neill: Liberal Congressman and Speaker
To support archive research on former Speaker of the House, Representative Thomas P. O'Neill.

Shep Melnick
Political Science

Raymond Pavicich

A Dream Unfinished: A Summer in Dresden
To support intensive language study in German at the Goethe Institut in Dresden.

Charles Hefling

Lisa K. Perry

Bilingual Education: Making It Work
To support field research on bilingual education programs in elementary schools in Boston and Norwich, Connecticut.

Penny Hauser-Cram
Lynch School of Education