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Advanced Study Grant Recipients 1999

university fellowships committee

Adam Birnbaum

Mastery of Schumann's Fantasy in C, Op. 12
To support intensive music instruction in classical piano.

Christopher Blanchard

Archeology at Ashkelon
To support participation in an archeological excavation in Israel, directed jointly by Boston College and Harvard University.

Philip King
Diana Bolling

The Goethe Institut in Weimar
To support intensive German language instruction.

Michael Resler
Germanic Studies
Daniel Brunet

The Meisner Technique
To support study of techniques of theater directing at the Neighborhood Playhouse School in New York.

John Houchin
Crystal Cordell

Freedom in Modern Liberal Democracy
To support study of the French philosopher Pierre Manent.

Robert Faulkner
Political Science
Jared Fields

John F. Kennedy and the Foundations of Modern Arms Control
To support study of the political origins of the U.S. Arms Control and Disarmament Agency.

Donald Hafner
Political Science
Christina Grimm

Assessing the Outcomes of the Pell Grant Program
To support research into the effectiveness of educational support grants to lower-income students.

Shep Melnick
Political Science
Margaret Grillo

Le Salon de l'Eté Indien
To support participation in arranging a festival in Saint-Etienne, France, featuring French-American culture in New England. [grant declined]

Jeff Flagg
Romance Languages
Michael Meng

Unlocking the Power of Language
To support intensive German language study in Dresden.

John Heineman
Ari Shapiro

Costa Rica: Field Study at Atenas
To support field study in a rainforest biological preserve.

Daniel Kirschner
Diane Sito

The Italian Influences on John Milton
To support intensive Italian language study in Perugia, Italy.

Laurie Shepard
Romance Languages
Patrick Venanzi

Medicine Meets Economics
To support coursework at the London School of Economics on international health care policy and practice.

Robert Murphy
Cathleen Phelan

Comparing Worlds
To support study of contrasting social welfare programs in Britain and Communist Yugoslavia.

Patrick Byrne