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Advanced Study Grant Recipients 1998

university fellowships committee

Project Proposal
Faculty Adviser
David Appleyard French for Critical Theory
To support intensive French language study, in order to read French critical literary theory in the original language.
A&S Honors
Mary Jo Hughes
Susan Biolsi Directed Evolution of Alkaline Phosphatase
To support lab research involving the isolation and analysis of the directed evolution of an enzyme.
Evan Kantrowitz
Sara Colangelo Kant's Vision of "Eternal Peace" in Modern day Europe: An Examination of the European Economic Community
To support coursework and a research paper on how Kant's Eternal Peace has been achieved in the European Union.
Romance Languages
Cecilia Mattii
Nicholas Geib An August in Berlin
To support intensive German language study at the Goethe Institut in Berlin.
Patrick Byrne
Tristan Kirvin A Fairer House than Prose: The Art of Joseph Cornell
To support archival research on the life and art of Joseph Cornell, in New York and Washington, DC.
Robin Lydenberg
Kelly Moudy The Art of Spiritual Exercise: Reflections on the Daily Spiritual Life of Benedictine Nuns in Present-Day France
To support participation in, and study of daily life at two Benedictine monasteries.
Matthew Lamb
Cynthia Perry Study of Investment Practices of State-Administered Pension Funds
To support research into the potential losses incurred when pension funds seek to avoid investment in companies perceived to have socially undesirable qualities.
Alicia Munnell
Samuel Sawyer Intensive Grammar-Based Study of French
To support intensive French language study at the Sorbonne.
A&S Honors
Mark O'Connor
Timothy Sullivan "The Capital of the 19th Century": Paris and the 'Resocialization' of an Urban Culture
To support coursework and a research paper, in French, on material culture in Paris: 1850-1900.
Romance Languages
Matilda Bruckner
Jason Urbanus An Archeological Field Project in Pompeii
To support acquisition of archeological skills at a site in Pompeii undertaken by Bradford University, UK.
Charles Ahern