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Advanced Study Grant Recipients 2016

university fellowships committee

Student Project Title
Omeed Alidadi The Stateless Bidun: Education Discrimination in Kuwait
Anne Bigler How Original is Originalism?
Sabrina Black Spracherwerb in Kassel: An Experience in and a Study on Language Acquisition
Austin Bodetti Learning from and Teaching to Sudanese Refugees in Uganda
Michael Burke Parlor Poetry: Emily Dickinson and 19th-Century America Music
Violet Caswell Cold Cases and Forgotten History: A Study of Dighton Rock
Dana Cavanaugh Promoting Global Maternal and Child Health: To support research on the social determinants of exclusive breastfeeding in rural Ghana
Jacob Ciafone Beyond the Wall: Being Mongolian in Modern China
Rex Cosgrove Lasting Signs of Flooding: Mapping the Extent of Three Major Floods in Johnstown, Pennsylvania
Monica Grady Fingers that Fly: To support the acquisition of advanced cello performance skills
Walker Halstad El Arte de la Traduccion
Lanah Han Exploring Options for US Healthcare: Lessones to Be Learned from South Korea
Kelly Hawkins The role of TACC3 in craniofacial development
Anne Haws Living Latin in Rome
Catherine Henckel Regional Disparities in Italian Healthcare
Meghan Hornblower Open Jar Institute
Gabriella In Women of the Forgotten War: South Korea's Responsibility in Compensation
Julia James Contemporary Theatre and Drama in London
Ameet Kallarackal Global Innovation: Factors Fueling Growth in an Emerging Market
Hahnsol Kang Climate Impacts of Revitalizing the Urban Environment in Tokyo, Japan
Thomas Keenan Greek and Latin for Reading Philosophy
Minsu Kim Identification of Interneurons in the Striatum
Annie Kim Understanding and Countering Radicalization and Terrorism
John Knowles French Acquisition for English Study: Paris, France
Vanessa Konzelmann La Salud es un Derecho Humano: Medical Spanish Acquisition and Cultural Immersion in Guatemala
Lauren Lin To Split, Unite, or Remain Unchanged: Debating Taiwan's Tricky Future
Ziyin Liu Japanese Language Acquisition
Madeline Mouton-Johnston Cultural Competency in Argentine Healthcare
Emily Murphy Investigating Counterterrorism and Deradicalization Strategies with the Institute for the Study of War
Jamie Myrose "Gaza will be abandoned and Ashkelon left in ruins": For research in the ancient Philistine city of Ashkelon
Lea Nelligan Care of the Whole Person: Medicine and Cultural Connection
Janghyuk Oh Immigration and the Labor Market in the US: Examining Korea as a Case Study
Alissa Puzo Dietary Accommodation of Celiac Disease on College Campuses: Study of the US Collegiate Dining Services
Nicholas Raposo Cross-Cultural Solutions, Brazil: "The least of these brothers and sisters of mine."
Vincent Roca An Exploration of the Relationship Between Painting, Drawing, and Video Art
Vincent Rubertone Publishing Stories of Justice: Chapters on the Philosophical and Economic Factors of the 1916 Easter Rising
Naphisa Senanarong Creative Writing
Rachel Simon The Harmful Intersection of Law and Machismo Culture: Spanish Acquisition and Women's Rights Research
Michaela Simoneau Hari Om: Accompaniment in Action
Sarah Sullivan The Ku Klux Klan in the Reconstruction Era: Murderers and Lynchers
Thomas Toghramadjian Understanding Challenges to Syrian-Armenian Repatriation Efforts
Lior Torenberg Shephardsville
Harrison Tune The Modern Project: A Case Study of South Korea
Justin Tung Drum Corps International
Christy Verhoog Examining the Potential for the Growth of Agritourism in New Jersey
Anna Waisgerber From Destalinization to Democracy: The Legal, Cultural, and Social Challenges of Soviet-American Immigration
Kayla Walczyk A Step Towards Pure Comprehension: Beginning Russian Language Studies
Yanchen Wang Cremona Academy and Competition
Elena West Gateways to Sustainability: European Alpine Huts
Hyun Yang North Korea: The Possibility of Collapse and US Response
Andrea Yepez Understanding Differing Economic and Social Policies in Colombia, Ecuador, and Venezuela After the Oil Price Drop
Christopher Yu Examining the Life of Second Generation Factory Workers in China
Siqi Zhang Piano, Chamber Music, and Composition Study at Cremona International Music Academy
Yiwen Zhang Research on the Cultural Mingling in Ashkelon: The Leon Levy Expedition to Ashkelon