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Visitor Parking Information for Students

boston college transportation and parking services

Due to space limitations, Boston College does not have parking available to provide for visitors of students during the week.

A "visitor" is defined as anyone who is NOT a full- or part-time student, faculty, or staff member. Undergraduate students living on campus or within one mile of public transportation and resident students are not eligible for permits and are not eligible to park as visitors on campus.

Transportation & Parking recommends using our website to look at parking areas nearby that are safe and secure. Rates and distance from campus vary, but we encourage you to utilize them and not park on city streets in the interest of being a good neighbor.


Off-Campus Visitor Parking

Click here for information of off-campus parking.


Weekend Visitor Parking

Parking for visitors on weekends is available in the Commonwealth Avenue Garage at a flat rate of $6.00 per exit, above level 3 only, and in the Beacon Garage on levels 3 & 4  from Friday at 6:00 p.m. until Monday at 2:00 a.m. Vehicles parked in any other location on campus or without a permit after this time will be ticketed and possibly towed. Should your car still be in the garage after 2:00 a.m., you will also be responsible for paying the flat lost-ticket rate of $25 to retrieve it.

Though BC students are not considered visitors, they may park their cars in the Commonwealth Garage according to the "Visitor policy" immediately above.

After 11:00 p.m. on the Friday before a home football game, no vehicles are allowed to park on campus to accommodate the thousands of fans who will arrive the next day to cheer on the BC Eagles. We again refer you to our website for local garage information to park your car.


More Information

Below are links to ways back and forth from campus. Veterans Taxi takes Eagle Bucks.

Please contact Transportation & Parking with any questions during regular business hours at or (617) 552-0151.

After regular business hours, please call the Boston College Police Department at (617) 552-4440 for information.