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Student Parking Permits

boston college transportation and parking services


Students are expected to read and comply with Boston College Parking and Traffic Regulations.

  • Students are NOT considered visitors and may NOT use visitor parking at any time.
  • Parking on campus is not available on days of home football games or major campus events or during inclement storm situations.
  • Residential student permits are distributed on a semester basis. All other student permits are annual, to include Fall, Spring, and Summer semesters.
  • Student parking permits are not intended for transfer between individuals and must be affixed to the student vehicle windshield for access to Boston College campuses.
  • Permits will not be granted if outstanding unpaid campus citations are on the permit applicant's record.
  • Students receiving academic credit for an internship are given priority, all other students will be reviewed on a case by case basis. 
  • For more information on Student Parking Permits please click here.

Student Parking Access Maps by Campus

  • S-GS: Graduate student permits are available to full- or part-time students currently enrolled in any of Boston College's graduate programs or the Boston College Law School.
  • S-E: Evening student permits are available to students currently enrolled in the Woods College of Advancing Studies or in any of Boston College's graduate programs who are on campus after 3PM.
  • S-C: Commuter undergraduate student permits are available to matriculated Boston College undergraduate students who, during the academic year, live off campus, at a radius greater than one mile from public transportation lines. Students living in the following cities or towns do not meet this commuter distance requirement and will not qualify for a commuter parking permit: Allston, Brighton, Boston, Chestnut Hill and Brookline. Students are expected to use their personal academic-year address, not the address of a family or friend, when applying for a parking permit. Those failing to honestly provide an accurate academic-year address for parking permit application risk disciplinary action, including loss of parking privileges at Boston College and loss of parking permit fee refund. At time of application, an undergraduate commuter student must submit:
    1. A parking application (click here to download a PDF version of the application)
    2. A copy of a Certificate of Insurance listing the student as an insured driver of the registered vehicle
    3. A valid vehicle registration in the undergraduate student's name or that of an immediate family member
    4. Proof of qualifying residency in the undergraduate's name, such as a lease, bank statement, or utility bill
  • S-RF/SR2/SCA/SCA-2: Resident undergraduate student permits are available to matriculated Boston College undergraduate students who are:
    • A junior or senior year student only; and
    • Enrolled in a Boston College sponsored field practicum or three credit internships; and
    • Where the internship/practicum site is NOT ACCESSIBLE by public transportation.
    The allotment for these residential parking permits is very limited. Academic and administrative departments must notify, in writing, the Transportation & Parking Office of the quantity and names of undergraduate students who they are approving for inclusion in the residential parking permit allotment.

Student Parking Permit S-RF/SR2/SCA/SCA-2 are SOLD OUT.

  • POOL: Carpool permits are available to graduate and law school students who minimally have a driver plus one passenger sharing the commute to campus throughout the year. A valid registration is required for all members of the carpool.

All lost permits must be reported to the Transportation and Parking Office before a new permit is obtained through the Office of Student Services. Filing a false report will result in the permit holder's forfeiture of future parking permit privileges from Boston College.

A replacement fee of the equivalent to the original permit price will be assessed for lost, stolen, or misplaced permits. Damaged permits will be replaced at no charge upon exchange of the original damaged permit. In order to receive a replacement permit, please fill out the Lost Permit/Prox Card form

All vehicles, including undergraduate resident permit vehicles, must be off campus by 11:00 p.m. the evening prior to scheduled home football games. Vehicles remaining on the Chestnut Hill campus after midnight will be towed. Students with resident permitted vehicles (SRF, SR2, TRF) may park on the Newton Campus for home football games.

No student parking is allowed from Saturday 3:00 p.m. through Sunday 6:00 p.m. at the Lower Campus parking lots adjacent to St. Ignatius Church, Vanderslice Hall, 110 St. Thomas More, and More Hall. Cars parked in this area will be ticketed and towed.

Students are not permitted to park in visitor parking areas.


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